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117th Infantry Regiment 3rd Battalion...After Action Report....Oct. 2nd-8th...1944

Capture of Ubach, Germany...Oct. 3rd to 6th, 1944 by 117th, 3rd Battalion...Lt.Col. S.T. McDowell...PDF file.

117th Infantry Regiment Co. I...After Action Report...Oct. 3rd-8th...1944

117th Infantry Regiment Co. K...After Action Report...Oct. 3rd-8th...1944

117th Infantry Regiment Co. L...After Action Report...Oct. 3rd-7th...1944

FDR's SS...Sally's Sallies Suggest New Patch...Jan. '45

117th Infantry Regiment Resume of Operations for the Month of October, 1944

Yank Magazine article..30th Infantry Division North of Aachen.. October 22, 1944

117th 3rd Battalion History RARE!! written by Capt. William P. Buttler, Battalion S-1, teacher at Pasadena Jr. College after war

Pocket History... 6x4... "From Normandy To The Elbe"... 30th Infantry Division  July 1945

Regimental and Company level profiles of organization at normal strength, which was rare

30th Division Dateline....1st free of censorship regulations....dates prior to Oct. 23, 1944

117th Infantry Regiment S-3 Journal Reports Nov. 1944...Incidents, Messages, Incidents, etc. (60 pages)

30th Infantry Division components.......Anatomy of an Infantry Division

1947 30th ID REUNION Program..Aug. 28,29,30...Nashville, TN.....33 of 60 pages...excluded most advertisement pages

General Orders APO #30....Award of Medals...Dated July 16, 1945....190 citations....some overlapping do to length of original orders.

Capt. Ferriss Ardennes Appendices  PART 1   PART 2   Very Rare  Special THANKS to Hans H. Weber

119th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Combat Journal  June 15th, 1944 to June 17th, 1945 Special THANKS to Mike Kramer, Perry Hall, MD.

After Battle Report HQs 30th Inf. Div. G-3 Section July 1st to July 31st, 1944.

War Stories of Charles Richardson, Co. L, 117th Infantry Regiment, B.A.R. man with his permission. Thanks!!!

1943 Fort Atterbury Thanksgiving 'Menu'.....List of 30th Reconnaissance Troop  Provided by Harley Crawford

Recon Beacon  Feb. 1943, Camp Blanding, FL...Newspaper of 30th Reconnaissance Troop  Provided by Harley Crawford

Letter insert by General Hobbs found in original editions of Work Horse of the Western Front

Star and Stripes Aug. 21st, 1944, Mortain  120th Infantry Regiment's "Lost Battalion" plus Americans Across the Seine.

Stars and Stripes Sept. 1st, 1944.......30th Division Awards Medals...Bronze and Air Medals

Stars and Stripes Aug. 12th, 1944...The 30th Infantry Battles Way to Highest Laurels

Stars and Stripes Sept. 11th, 1944...Mortain Battle Earns Praise for 30th Division

XIX Corps S-2 NOTEBOOK....."This booklet was prepared to assist Unit S-2ís in their work fighting the German Army opposite us today on this front." In the letter it states: "Sufficient copies are being distributed so as to get at least one in each Company; each Division is being given 25 additional for replacement." Very Small Print The Notebook measures ONLY 3 in. x 5 in.

Camp Atterbury "Camp Crier" Magazine, Nov. 19th, 1943 PART 1...Camp Atterbury Welcomes the 30th

Camp Atterbury "Camp Crier" Magazine, Nov. 19th, 1943 PART 2...Camp Atterbury Welcomes the 30th

Camp Atterbury "Camp Crier" Magazine, Nov. 26th, 1943.....News and Views of the 30th Infantry Division

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