PHOTOS of Stavelot, Belgium

Signal Corps photo


Maison Gregoire

Maison Gregoire

Market Square

Stavelot Bridge

Rue G. Devalque looking North toward Rue Chatelet and old Abbey Entrance   (Hans Weber)

Route to Trois Ponts

Ancienne Abbay looking south from Av F. Nicolay (Hans Weber)

Ferme Henri Wansart looking Southeast...further south from Bicoque on the same main road Stavelot-Francorchamps.

North of Stavelot near Haute Levee looking South (Hans Weber)

Zoom of above photo, main route is Vieux Chateau, one of the main routes of German armor for crossing the stone bridge over the Ambleve River.  It was along this stretch of road that Pieper tanks used just before emerging onto the bridge.  You can guess the difficulty in hitting the tanks when they pass behind the houses.  They did succeed in destroying at least one Panther in the small portion just in the middle of the picture. (Hans Weber)

Ferme Rensonnet  was located just where the road turns the corner and descends towards Stavelot.  In the woods to the left is La Corniche, where the roadblock by the 291st Engineers was. (Hans Weber)