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120th Unit Journal for Aug. 6th through Aug. 9th.  MORTAIN
Adobe PDF file...60 pages in two parts.
Code Names: 120th Inf. Reg.=Custer; 1st Bn.=Cupboard; 2nd Bn.=Cuff; 3rd Bn.=Curve
230th F.A.=Crow
Part 1     Part 2


119th Anti-Tank Roster list...thanks to Bryan A. Sharp!!

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117th Co. A, Aug. 7th at St. Barthelemy


Early on the morning of March 24th, 1945 my father, Ralph Watson, 117th, Co. K, crossed the Rhine River in a Navy "Alligator".  Please read his description of the crossing on the scans below of a letter to my mother.  Warren Watson.  The accompanying photo I purchase could very well be of him...of course no way knowing for sure.

Additional Rhine Crossing photo. 

I believe the soldiers on this tank may be 119th men.  I think the German town may be Ohr.  Caption with photo reads:
"Men of the 2nd Armored Division quit a German village to press across the Weser River early in April.  That night, the tankers fought off stubborn fire from enemy field guns, mortars and small arms.  The war was not yet won."  Maybe some German friends can help confirm???



120th After Action Reports for Oct. '44.....Maps below:




Troop Movements.

MORE Information on the Oct. 7th to 11th fighting here:


The Hedgerows--A Soldiers Memoir by Marvin M. Smith Capt. Co. K, 120th IR
provided by Mark A. Smith  Microsoft Word Document

Briefing for the Fight Tomorrow.  120th IR, Co. K, Front Left: Staff Sgt. John Adams; Front right kneeling: Pfc. James R. Googe, KIA; Capt. Marvin M. Smith, kneeling in middle, speaking, WIA during German counterattack, July 22th, 1944; Staff Sgt. Frank Wylie, on one knee looking at Capt. Smith.

Staff Sgt. John Adams in the photo with Capt. Smith story can be found at this link:
Click for John Adams Story!!



Battle of Gauciel..."Lightning Boulevard"...Aug. 22nd, 1944



30th attack on Troisgots, France....July 31st, 1944...119th IR/743rd TB..PDF file

  Maps of Area 

Looking for more information...especially two infantrymen that helped Capt. Harry Hansen of the Co. C, 743rd TB knock out German tanks in town with bazookas.


Mortain...Now/Then photos...by Stephane Letessier, Le Neufbourg, Normandie, France


Gerald Farbman, 117th, Co. M, writes that while in Magdeburg they found a mimeograph machine and some paper.  They decided to print a newspaper.  It was called "Gunners Report".  Several issues were printed until paper ran out.  He does not have any copies.  Any chance there are any out THERE??

Donald Noble...119th Co. G....MS Work File

Pfc. Lloyd R. Taylor KIA, 117th, Co. E....letters from home.