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30th Infantry Division G-2 Periodic Reports...October 14th to October 19th....also various other reports and overlays of the same time period.   PDF file...66 pages.

30th Infantry Division Overlays, Reports, etc.....October 20th to October 31st, 1944...PDF...49 pages.

XIX Corps G-2 Periodic Reports....Oct. 15th to 30th, 1944...a couple are missing...some interesting stories!!!

120th 1st Battalion S-2, S-2, etc Unit Reports...October, 18th+, 1944.

Looking for INFORMATION on Ivan Fernberg and Arthur Floyd...119th IR.

803rd TD-743 TD-7th Armored Group-823rd TD.....reports on Siegfried Line assault...Oct. 44.

Ninth Army and XIX Corps ......lists of Non-Divisional Units.

119th Unit Journal....December, 1944.

Telephone/Teletypewriter Directory...the Confidential directory of code names for individual units.

Story of the 117th's Co. B Oct. 2nd, 1944.........breaching of the Siegfried Line. Interviews, maps, photos!!!!

119th Unit Journal....Sept. 7th to 12th.

119th Unit Journal, Overlays, Misc. for December 17 through 25th.  PDF file.

Telephone Transcripts December, 1944....Battle of the Bulge....Days 17-19    Days 20-23    Days 24-26

Casualty Lists for Oct. 1944...Siegfried Line Assault...30th and attached units.

Notes on Activities taking place in the 117th Regmential CP on Oct. 2-3.  Col. Johnson TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!!!


Remount...the story of James D. Newton....this is a Microsoft Word Document...138 pages.  On the best personal histories you will EVER read.  Although Mr. Newton was with the 113th Cavalry, the Red Horse Regiment, they often fought next to the 30th and many times in FRONT.  Many thanks to Arno Lasoe for providing Mr. Newton's story that he shared with Mr. Lasoe.

      James D. Newton in Paris, Oct. 1945.   Jim added: I traded my corporal stripes for "Technician 5th Grade (T/5) so I could drive and see more of Europe.                                                  

   Newton and Johnson in Germany, mid May, 1945.

  Dwight Zwer and Gerry Ganley mentioned in "Remount".  Taken in the Dutch village of Slenaken, December, 1944.

Some of the Battle Honors for 30th Units for the Battle of Mortain

30th Casualty Lists for Aug. 7-16...Aug. 8 incomplete...Mortain.

Massacre at Malmedy...Yank Magazine...Jan. 21st...British Edition

30th ID G-3 Journal......December 17-20......December 21-25

117th Mortain Interviews..plus a 39th IR interview. 

Yank Magazine...Feb. 9th, 1945....the Defense of Stavelot...Please note Major Error....called 117th...107th!!!

Siegfried Line REPORTS.....Oct. 2nd.....Oct. 3rd.....Oct. 4th....Oct. 5/6....

119th Rimburg Castle attack...Siegfried Line....119th History Book......US Army, Siegfried Line Campaign

Captured Nazi Diary...Newspaper Article....How quickly attitudes changed for young German soldier.

Borgoumont et l'offensive Von Rundstedt....working on getting this translated from French to English.  Could use some help.

Borgoumont and the Battle of the Bulge....personal account of Dr. Bastin of Borgoumont who was present at the time of the battle.  He wrote this account in 1951.  This Word Document was translated by Benno Deckers of La Gleize, Belgium.  A MILLION thanks for his hard work.  ENJOY!!  One of a kind personal account.

Code Names of 30th Units....plus code names for many US Armies, Corps, and Divisions.

Personal Journal of 30th veteran...name withheld by request.  GREAT 30th HISTORY...Must Read!!!

WORK HORSE from IOWA...a story of 117th vets and their Old Hickory experiences.  A work in progress.

  UNBELIEVABLE STORY of friends across the waters!!!  Click on Picture to READ.

Tribute page to PFC Allison Ray Jackson, 119th, Co. B KIA Wurselen, Germany on Nov. 7th.


Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) for Wallace J. Horton of the 119th Co. A. was killed in action in the village of Fouron le Comte between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.  He was killed by a 20mm maching gun that stood at the crossroads of Fouron le Comte.  Co. A was the first American troops to enter the town.  Horton was 19 years old and came for Clifton Forge, VA. 

This UNBELIEVABLE photo is of the commemoration of the liberation of Fouron le comte on the spot  where Wallace was killed  one year ago .Picture was taken in 1946. Wallace was killed between the 2 wooden barracks.  It shows the exact spot with two little Belgian girls laying a wreath on the location.

The original cross of the 1st anniversary  of  Wallace's death . This cross was given to me (Vincent Heggen)  by a citizen of my town .  The inscription is in French and means: In honor of a GI fallen for our Freedom.  September 12, 1944. 

The Story of Wallace's death:
This comes from the testimony of Maria Kurvers-Habets of Fouron le Comte;

ôSeptember 11 at the evening, German sleeps in our workshop on straw. We were very afraid.

They are irritated because they know that Americans are not far. Indeed, they are in Warsage. Worms 23 hours 30, German leave our house very quickly. The remainder of the night is calm.

September 12 in the morning, the Germans draw in all the directions and run. A few moments later, the American strike with our door. One of the GI speaks French

Unfortunately, the Germans are always present, in ambush behind an electric cabin with 200 meters of our house. They open fire with a  gun of 20 millimetres and machine-guns.

Other GI coming from Berneau are also the target of these German to the vault Sainte Anne. The brawl will last two hours.

When we leave our cellar, we see a US aircraft. It was a grasshopper piper cub typ L4.  This plane was supplied in fields close to the castle of Altembroek where remained by after the Colonel Edwin and later the General Leland Hobbs.

The Germans flee towards the village. The Americans return in our kitchen with a casualty who suffers atrociously. He will be evacuated.


Another GI died outside, opposite our house. This soldier was at the time unknown for people of the village, later he was identified by the resistance of the area.

Wallace Horton grave today.  SPECIAL THANKS to Vincent Heggen of Fouron le Comte for information and especially the photos.

Wallace Horton May 2006

Photos from the liberation of Fourons:

UPDATE!!!  Sept. 2007   Relative of Wallace Horton found and comes to Belgium:



Yank Magazine, Nov. 19th, 1944...almost same article on 117th Co. A as in Dec. 3rd magazine but some additional story and great photos.