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"The Queen's Men"....Two newsletters published abroad the Queen Mary as 30th Division troops headed home. Aug. 21st & 22nd.  Special thanks to: LTC Barney Barnhill, Cdr. 1-120th Infantry

119th, 3rd Battalion, Combat Journal, November 29th to March 20th.

117th Infantry Regiment, Resume of Operations, June 14th, 1944 through September 1944.

117th Infantry Regiment, Resume of Operations, November 1944 & December 1944.

General Orders HQs 117th Infantry Division....April 1st, April 15th, 1945...13 pages.

Personal Accounts of 30th Division veterans...December, 1944.

After Action Report...HQ 30th Inf. Div.....G-3 Section.....December 1-31, 1944.

"SCRAP" BOOK...30th Div...Possneck, Germany-June 1945
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117th Infantry Regiment List of Decorations  BS=Bronze Star; DSM=Distinguished Service Cross;
CMH=Congressional Medal of Honor; SS=Silver Star; OLC=Oak Leaf Cluster (Second award of a decoration)
Purple Hearts NOT included.

Laying Groundwork for St. Vith Offensive  Jan. 3rd-9th, 1945  Map of Area  117th S-3 Journal Reports Jan. 1-9

Preparation for the St. Vith Offensive   Jan. 10th-12, 1945  117th S-3 Journal Reports Jan. 10-12

St. Vith Offensive Phase I  After Action Report Jan. 13th-15th, 1945  117th S-3 Journal Reports Jan. 13th-15th

St. Vith Offensive Phase II After Action Report Jan. 16th-20th, 1945 117th S-3 Journal Reports Jan. 16th-20th

St. Vith Offensive Phase III After Action Report (P. 62 missing) Jan. 21st-23rd, 1945 117th S-3 Jan. 21st-23rd

117th S-3 Journal Reports Jan. 24th-31st, 1945

Headquarters 41st Replacement Battalion, Special Order #46, 14 July 1944 Lists 53 replacement officers being assigned to the 30th Infantry Division.   Provided by Michael P. Kramer

Combat Journal/Action Summary 1st Battalion, 119th Regiment July 1944  Provided by Michael P. Kramer

119th Regiment Message or Events Log  covering the period July 18 to 25, 1944.  Provided by Michael P. Kramer

Diary of Loy Robinson, 117th Inf. Reg., Co. K, 2nd Platoon  Late July '44 to Aug. '45 Provided by Fran Carnes

G-3 After Action Reports HQs 30th ID June 15th to June 30th 1944

117th Infantry Regiment UNIT JOURNAL  Aug. 6/9th, 1944....... Battle of Mortain...Crank=117th, 3rd Battalion, Custer=120th IR, Croydon=117th IR, Custom=30th ID

117th Infantry Regiment UNIT JOURNAL  Aug. 10/15th, 1944....Battle of Mortain

Counter-Attack Against 120th at Mortain...Abbaye-Blanche roadblock...After Action Report..Aug. 6-12, 1944

823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion at Mortain....After Action Reports...Aug. 6/12, 44

War Memories of William (Bill) Druckenmiller....Company Commander 117th Infantry Regiment

Interview of 2nd Lt. Ray Holmquist...120th IR, 2nd Batt. HQ Co......TREMENDOUS..MORTAIN..Aug. 6/7

120th Infantry Regiment Breakthrough of July 25th, 1944....3 reports and map.

Interview of 2nd Lt. Ray Holmquist...120th IR, 2nd Batt. HQ Co......Hedgerow fighting!!!...Bombing of July 25th!!!

Organizational Charts of An Infantry Regiment....13 pages....PDF file

Stars and Stripes Nov. 17th, 1944...119th IR, 1st Battalion, Co. B, Capt. Edward E. McBride, Sgt. Joseph E. Price, Bardenberg, Germany....This action, I believe, took place Oct. 9th and is reported in the 119th official history book on pages 66-67.

Stars and Stripes Dec. 22nd, 1944.....30th Inf. Div. (although they could not be that specific) retake Stavelot.

Sgt. Daniel H. Tremper, Co. F, 117th....KIA Hedgerows

Stars and Stripes Dec. 28th, 1944.....Action around Stavelot.

Stars and Stripes April 11th, 1945....9th Army takes Hanover...nears Brunswick...30th ID 4500 POWs.

Stars and Stripes November 17th, 1945...9th Army Open Attack...article about 119th men, T/Sgt. Walter H. Dunn, Carnestota, NY, Bronze Star, and S/Sgt. William J. Widener, Logansport, ID, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, and Bronze Star,  playing trick on German machine gunner.

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