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Page 7 Reports

First Action...series of reports and maps of the 30th Division action during the month of June '44.

Poem by Lt. George M. Tuttle written on Aug. 5th, 1944.

German Schu Mine diagram.

German political cartoons found in 120th Archives folder.

The Enemy Strikes...featuring captured German film of the Battle of the Bulge with added descriptions.

Operation Cobra.....Reports and Maps

Liberation of Valenciennes, France...Sept. 2nd, '44...Thanks to Alain Dubois, Valenciennes.


Mortain; Now & Then from John Croxton of Mortain, France.   (Word Document)
Please note correction on August 1944 South Mortain towards Le Sept Coeurs should be:
Road to RR Station gare du Neufbourg.

Junction Les Croix des Sept Coeurs from John Croxton
John also owns a Bed and Breakfast in Mortain for those who may visit there:
www.normandybandb.co.uk  John's website


Flow chart of the make-up of the 105th Engineer Battalion.

119th Infantry Regiment list of Medal Winners....PDF file, 43 pages...approx. 700 men listed with rank, ASN, date/s of actions, brief description, and medal.  This is a great list to cross reference for checking on an individual's  regiment, if unknown.  I copied this list directly from the 119th records found in the National Archives in summer of 2006.

Buchenwald Concentration Camp...visited by many 30th units in June 1945.

30th Story of Edmund Miller....120th, Co. H...Edmund's words, photos, and articles.

Lt. Donald C. Mills...230th Field Artillery...Battery B...over 110 photos plus maps and stories.  Special thanks to Greg Acken for making these items available to the 30th family.

Aid Man! by Robert B. Bradley, medic...120th IR, Co. E....excerpts from this insightful book.  Mr Bradley describes in unique detail the fighting in Normandy.  Mr. Bradley was captured at Mortain. 


They are NOT forgotten:  Sept. 2006 Margraten Cemetery concert to REMEMBER.


Liberation of Stalag 326 by the 30th and 2nd AD plus Co. K, 117th guard duty. 

Liberation of Maastricht....Photos and Map.

Gen. Corlett letter dated March 5th, 1947....former commander of XIX Corp.

Speech by JHR. Mr. W. Michiels Van Kessenich Burgomeister (Mayor) of Maastricht, Holland on Oct. 15th, 1944 at Maastricht, Holland.

General Corlett speech at same ceremony on Oct. 15th in Maastricht.

Letter from Corlett to Ike about Oct. 15th ceremony in Maastricht.



Battle of Stoumont.....actual captured German film footage of battle.

119th Infantry Regiment ETO newspaper....July 9th, 1945.

Story of Lott Penrod....30th Signal Company.....his words, photos, and stories.

Fall of Magdeburg....maps, photos, reports...April 16th-18th.

119th Sept. '44 After Action Reports....Unit Journal. Adobe PDF file, 6 pages


Roer River Crossing citations for 120th, 2nd Bn; 2nd Platoon Antitank; 105th Eng. 2nd Platoon, Co. C....PDF file.

Maps of Roer River Crossing


Article from 30th Div. News...Ardennes Revisited.

Article from 30th Div. News...Lt.Col. Sam McDowell

XIX Corps Special Edition Christmas Edition of the The Wind Mill, Dec. 25th. '44

Fall of Braunschweig.....April 11th-13th 

Ardennes Revisited by Howard Melker....Co. C, 120th.


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