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German propaganda fliers dropped over 9th Army front lines during the period of late '44 and '45.


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30th Story of James M. Molgaard...120th, Co. E.  veteran of Hill 314.

    XIX Corp Tomahawk Newspaper...April 8th, 1945.

    XIX Corp Tomahawk Newspaper...July 11th, 1944.


CLOSING OF THE AACHEN GAP....maps, story, and photos.

Engagement Sept. 12th, 1944.....Co. C, 119th and Co. C, 743rd TB, Vitchen, Belgium.

Photocopy of the 120th Christmas Card, 1944 found at National Archives.

George Neidhardt, 120th Co. F...listen as he tells from a 1996 interview about his experiences at Mortain and more.

117th Infantry Regiment Archives Film Clip

William Fuller Story...113th Field Artillery

A file on the return of the Connecticut Men of the 30th Division
....includes impressions of war, list of Connecticut men, photos, brief history.   Interviews conducted just a couple days after return from ETO...photos taken then, Aug. 24th, '45, at Fort Devens. (Note WWI vintage position of shoulder patch.)

Maps and Photos of the 30th Crossing of the Rhine River...March 24th, 1945.

119th After Action Report on Rhine Crossing.

117th After Action Reports on Rhine Crossing.

120th After Action Reports on Rhine Crossing...includes report on Co. B, 105th Combat Eng., Co. C, 105th Medical Bn, and 3rd Plat., Co. B, 823rd TD.

258th Combat Engineers Report on Rhine Crossing.

120th Newspaper Articles copied from National Archives folder in summer of 2006.  PDF file.

POW Interrogations and Document...Jan. 9, 1945...'A German tanker talks about German tanks.'


Photos and excerpts from the Belgium book by Lt. Col. Antoine De Baene;
Belgium Remembers and Honors the U.S. Armies of Liberation, 1944-5 or, Glory and Honor to the Armies of the United States

American tank destroyers move forward during heavy fog to stem German spearhead in Belgium, December 20, 1944.

30th Division vehicles 1 1/2 miles from Malmedy, Belgium, January 15, 1945.

American patrols in St. Vith, January 23, 1945.

Maj.-Gen. Quesada (left), commanding the 9th T.A.C. and his chief of combat operation, Col. Gilbert Meyers, examine a disabled tank on a road north of St. Vith, Belgium.

Advancing along the road to St. Vith, Belgium, troops of the 30th Division pass the bodies of Germans and destroyed German equipment, January 23, 1945.

Tanks and Infantrymen of the 82d Airborne Division push through the snow towards their objective in Belgium, January 28, 1945.

Baugnez, Belgium, July 24, 1945. --  Cross erected to the memory of 107 American soldiers, prisoners, who were assassinated by the SS during the Ardennes offensive.

Malmedy, July 24, 1945. -- Group of children forming part of cortege proceeding to ceremony at Baugnez.

Baugnez, July 24, 1945. -- The Tribune of Honor.


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