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Letters of Lt. Robert A. Peters....antitank company..3rd Battalion...117th Inf. Reg.

After Action Report...3rd Battalion, 120th IR, Activities at Barenton, Aug. 6/12.

Journal Of David F. Knox, 1st Lt., Co. L, 119th IR  Aug. 20th, 1944 to May 8th, 1945...Special thanks to Frank Doody, 119th/L for providing this VALUABLE 30th History Treasure!!!
August   September   October    November    December    January    February    March    April/May   Commendations/Photos/Names

120th Infantry Regiment Purple Heart list....February 26th, 1945

117th Officer, Personal History and letters to Warren Watson  Officer's name withheld by request.

Stars and Stripes January 5, 7, 8, 1945   Battle of Bulge

113th Field Artillery Action Reports and Messages July 1944
These pictures are of the Battery "C" No. 1 piece that experienced
 a premature burst noted on page one of the report:

30th Division Artillery history June, July, 1944

Direct Support...Report on the role of artillery in the 30th Perfect Infantry Attack, Nov. 16th, 1944

30th Divisional Artillery report on  the repulse of the German Counterattack at Avranches, August 7-11, 1944

30th Divisional Artillery report....July 44....October 44.

Stars and Stripes...Nov. 24th, 1944....Medics given $10 'Bonus' by 117th Inf. Joes

Yank Magazine...Jan. 26th, 1945......Malmedy Massacre,  Malmedy Citizens "Road out of Town".

113th Field Artillery Battery A roster....medals and awards

Tribute to S/Sgt. Bernard Meeker....117th IR, Co. A, KIA Dec. 19th, 1944, Stavelot.

117th Unit Journal Reports.....September, 1944....63 pages..PDF.

117th Unit Journal Reports....October, 1944  PART 1   Oct. 1/10

117th Unit Journal Reports....October, 1944  PART 2   Oct. 11/31

117th Unit Journal Reports...December, 1944

Personal Memories of T/5 Henry M. Stairs Jr......117th Headquarters Company

Tribute to Ray and Roy Booher, twin brothers of the 30th

119th KIA List...two actually...first one alphabetically and second one a partial list by date killed, note list starts with Jan. 45.  List provided by Gary Booher who had two twin uncles that served with the 30th.  Their story told on website. THANKS Gary for all your work.

30th Division Casualty List for September, 1944....Provided by Arno Lasoe.

1st US Army After Action Report for September, 1944....30th was in the 1st Army, XIX Corp...some very interesting reports!!

1st US Army After Action Report....October, 1944.

Royal Dutch Stormtroopers After Action Report...Oct. 44..Provided by Arno Lasoe.

1st US Army Summary of Operations....Sept. 1944.

1st US Army Summary of Operations....Oct. 1944.

Yank Magazine...Dec. 3rd, 1944.....Bridge Building during Siegfried Line Attack, October 44.

Yank Magazine Article..Dec. 3rd, 1944.....TREMENDOUS story told by veteran of 117th, Co. A.

49th GERMAN Infantry Division.....Sept/Oct. 1944....Belgium/Holland/Siegfried Line

183d Volks Grenadier Division...Uebach, Immendorf, Geilenkirchen, Bulge, and Roer River

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