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Looking for information on Robert Harold Taylor, 119th Co. H.  Born Feb. 1st, 1925 in Moultrie, Georgia.  The above photo was taken in the summer of 1945.

  Robert with his first wife, Louise (mother of Doris) taken at old Fort "TIR" (Antwerp-South) in late Spring, 1945. 

Taylor in 1980 Taylor, his daughter Doris and her husband Roger Vingerhoedt

Roger & Doris Ardennes 2006, LaGleize

At Baugnez

Please email any information to: r.vingerhoedt@belgacom.net 


Exploits of Elmer Kitchell....120th...Company F....Siegfried Line, St. Vith Advance, Roer River,...and MORE.

119th, Co. G histories.....personal histories written by company members.

After Action Reports for Sept. 12th, 1944...119th IR and 743rd TB....Thanks to Arno Lasoe, Heerlen.

Nov. 17th Bronze Star citation for S/Sgt. Kenneth Coon...120th IR.

Oct. 7th Bronze Star citation for S/Sgt. Kenneth Coon...120th IR.

S/Sgt. Coon history.

Capture of Lt. Gen. Kurt Dittmar......... by the 117th, 3rd Battalion in Magdeburg, April 25th, 1945.  (See Reports Page 12...30th Medical Diary, Part 4 for excellent details on Dittmer surrender.)

105th Engineer Combat Battalion...After Action Report... January 21st, 1945.

119th Co. G Journal by "Top" Howard Crawford of Elburn, IL.  "Top" Crawford kept a Journal that contains the location of the Company CP with map coordinates for every day.  It also includes personnel changes such as newly assigned personnel, wounded, dead, and sick.  It is believed he used this journal to relay to the Company Clerk in the Regimental Rear the personnel information so that the Company Morning Report could be recorded for the Battalion and Regimental records.   PDF File.

ORIGINAL SCANS of "Top" Crawford 119th Co. G. JOURNAL.  Is missing a couple of weeks April and May.

Corporal John M. Nolan letter to his Uncle....July 25th, France....St. Lo bombings.

30th DVD of Mortain, Siegfried Line, and the Bulge...by MOVINGSTILLS Productions CLICK TO ORDER

December 17th, 2005 ceremony in Targnon, Belgium honoring the 119th IR.

119th 1st Battalion Daily Journal....June 9th, 1944 to May 9th, 1945.   Provided by Hans Weber!!

119th History from approximately Oct. 10th to Oct. 16th....PDF file.

Line of 119th Co. B on October 13th/14th, 1944.

List of 30th Missing in Action....with Grave Registration Organization and Collection methods. Thanks Arno Lasoe

Interviews with 30th Veterans....from the 2005 Reunion in St. Louis....Part 1

Interviews with 30th Veterans...from the 2005 Reunion in St. Louis.....Part 2

Interviews with 30th Veterans...from the 2005 Reunion in St. Louis.....Part 3

Interviews with 30th Veterans...from the 2005 Reunion in St. Louis.....Part 4

Interviews with 30th Veterans...from the 2005 Reunion in St. Louis.....Part 5  FINAL

Research of Nov. 6/7th, 1944 Recon of Co. A and B in Wurselen, Germany.  Research conducted by Billy Jackson, relative of Pfc. Allison Ray Jackson, Co. B, 119th who was KIA on Nov. 7th in Wurselen.  Any additional information on this action would be greatly appreciated.

Story of T/Sgt. Arthur P. Wiley, 120th, Co. M....Tremendous reading and 30th history;
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

2nd Platoon, Co. M, 120th, Jan. 1945.


1st Lt. Lynn H. Mead, Jr. 117th, Co. E, gave his life to his country on Feb. 24th, 1945 during the Roer River Offensive.  Various letters in the possess of Lt. Mead's nephew describe some of the action:
Another letter I found refers to Lynn, Captain Sibbald (Later Major Sibbald), Lt.'s. Hanson, Erlund and Dauer at the Company C. P.  in Hambach, Germany.  They had just received their orders to attack into some woods nearby.  The C. P. was shelled and Lynn and Lt. Dauer were killed.  Lt. Hanson was seriously wounded.   The letter was written by Mrs. Virginia Erlund to Mrs. Dauer or Dower, both spelling used in the letter.  According to Mrs. Erlund her husband is the only officer below Major in the whole battalion that had started at the beginning to have survived.  She refers to him planning on returning to Texas A&M to earn his Masters in Biology  upon his return. 

I also found a letter written to my Grandparents by Captain George H, Hibbald commander of E company expressing his condolence on the death of Lynn who he referred to as his friend.  Other letters to his parents and brothers refer to the intense fighting endured in the Belgium forests during the bulge and their fighting along side the 82nd.  In those letters he says that the 30 th is referred to by AXIS SALLY, Nazi radio commentator, as "F. D. R's fanatically trained SS troops" other references were F. D. R's Shock troops.

He also recalls his father telling him that he spoke with other officers from Co. E that were meeting at a farm house somewhere in Germany when it was destroyed by artillery fire, killing his uncle and several other officers.

Another letter describes the actions of his men after a Jan. 2nd, 1945 patrol that earned Lt. Mead the Bronze Star:

According to a letter he wrote to his parents several days later he spoke of the unsung heroes in his company who went with him in rubber rafts across a river to capture prisoners "all of whom could answer the questions the CO's needed answered."  That they had been successful where others had failed.  Lynn states in his letters that he has 40 men under his command and worries about getting them rest, through this war and back home.  

Click for documents:

Bronze Star Citation for Jan. 2nd Action

Silver Star Citation for Jan. 22nd Action

KIA Letter from Col. Walter M. Johnson

Any information you can pass along adding to the stories of Jan. 2nd, Jan. 22nd and Feb. 24th, 1945 would be greatly appreciated!!!

 First Lt. Lynn H. Mead of E Company 117th, 30th Division.  Written on the back is "After the Battle
of the Bulge" Belgium February 1945.  Left to right are pictured Lt. Frank
Gulojuck. S/Sgt Mike Samjiori and First Lt. Lynn H. Mead jr.

Lynn when he was attached to Headquarters 83rd Division prior to OCS in March of 1943 ( Click to Enlarge)

Lt. Mead, attached to the 117th IR in England prior to the invasion 1944.


Complete list of 119th KIA and MIA ........from the American Battle Monuments Commission


LOOKING for information on a 119th Co. C patrol that was sent out on Sept. 27th, 1944 to recon a pillbox on the Siegfried Line.   ANY HELP GREATLY APPECIATED...we can possibly find the missing remains of two 119th men that gave their lives for freedom.

Map of Area    German Report   Translation of German Report in this email from Arno Lasoe, who is helping to find the remains of Drabecki and Verweire.

German record of the 81st Army Corps:
27 Sept 1944 (1850 Hours) Message EX O 49th Inf Div:
Patrol had taken 3 prisoners, 2 are dead, 1 wounded. Wounded prisoner turned over to Corps (81st German Army Corps). 
30 Sept 1944 (23.40 Hours) Message EX O 183rd Inf. Div:
During patrol in vicinity of Marienberg, 1 prisoner taken whom belonged to American 30th Inf Div, 3rd BN, 117th Inf Rgt, Hq Co.
30 Sept 1944 (23.45 Hours) Message G-2 (Lt von Enatten)
183rd Inf Div reports 1 prisoner taken near Palenberg belong to Hq Co, 3rd Bn, 117th Inf Rgt, 30th Inf Div, His company is since 5 days in Scherpenseel.  Arrived by foot march walked 5 days. No tanks seen.  Supposed to be transferred.  Prisoner had no gas mask.  Because of strong resistance morale low.  Attack preparations unknown, Has not seen anything, Have the impression that the prisoner typical has had his nose full of war.  
The Germans were soon to find different.

IDPF reports on Anthony T. Drabecki:

T/Sgt. Wade J. Verweire IDPF file...portion of file that is new to this investigation.  It appears from this report that his remains are buried in an unknown grave. 

Sad letter from Mrs. Verweire to Army. 

Map of area of patrol from Sgt. Verweire Individual Deceased Personnel File


Liberation of Fouron-Le-Comte and Its Surroundings
Slideshow...176 photos!!!

PDF file for photo descriptions of Liberation of Fouron-Le-Comte slideshow...above!!"
Copyright by Vincent Heggen  Open PDF file and print.  Numbers same as on slideshow.


Teutoburger Wald  Hermann the German meets F.D.R.'s SS Troops...April, 1945.

Issues of Le Tomahawk....XIX Corp Newspaper...obtained from the Leland Hobbs papers at the Eisenhower Library:



Three German views of the 30th's "Perfect Infantry Attack"........Nov. 16th to Nov. 30th.