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Montmartin, France between just southwest of Isigny still shows bullet holes today.

Map of the 117th crossing of the Vire River on July 7th, 1944.

After Action Report...Vire Crossing, July 7th, 1944....117th Inf. Regiment.

Then/Now photos of the crossing point of the 117th, 2nd Bn. on July 7th, 1944.

117th IR enters the town of St. Fromond, France.

Building between the crossing site of 2nd Bn. and the bridge, evidence of the heavy bombardments here.

   Bridge at St. Fromond over the Vire River...then and now.

Memorial plaque on the bridge at St. Fromond.  It says: This bridge was crossed on 7th July 1944 by the 30th ID who liberated St. Fromond after heavy bombardments.

  Map    St. Fromond either July 7 or 8.  It was the 2nd Battalion of the 117th IR that lead the attack through St. Fromond across the Vire River and Canal.  The photo of the treadway bridge, constructed by the 105th Engineer Battalion, can be found in "Workhorse".  If the photos are July 7th than infantry are probably 117th and tanks of Co. A, 743 TB.  If July 8th, men and tanks are probably CCB of the 3rd Armored Division.  Any clarification is appreciated.  Email this website.

Map with the Line of Departure (LD) of the 120th IR at 1:45 PM on July 7th.

After Action Report...Vire Crossing, July 7-9th, 1944...120th Inf. Regiment.

After Action Report...Vire Crossing, July 7th, 1944....92nd Chem. Bn and XIX Corps.

120th LD then  now...Line of Departure of 120th IR, north of St. Jean de Daye. This photo is taken west of the highway leading south to St. Jean de Daye.

120th crossing west of highway. 120th crossing east of highway.

Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf J. of 6.Kp/ss Pz.Rgt.2 which was silenced by the 117th IR, 30th ID in July 1944.  This tank was stopped on the outskirts of St. Fromond, France. Notice the holes and small arms fire to front of turret.  This US Army photo is provided by Lee Archer of Panzerwrecks books. (http://www.panzerwrecks.com)

120th Co. K infantry moves up through the ruins of Hebecrevon, France.

30th tank battalion soldiers in Magdeburg, Germany.

General Hobbs awards Silver and Bronze Stars to 120th IR officers and men.

Armor passing resting 30th troops in Braunschweig, Germany, taken April 11th, 1945.

Long columns of 30th Infantry advance for an attack on Brunschweiger, Germany.

  Capt. Abbes, Co. K, 117th with captured Lt. Gen. Kurt Dittmar. Photo Back.


The following photos and diary comes from Fran Carnes, daughter of
Loy W. Robinson

117th IR, Co. K, 2nd Platoon, Loy W. Robinson back row 3rd from left, 1945.

Soldier identified by his Richard Cree richglojr59@hotmail.com , December 2012....Back Row second from right...Pfc. Richard William Cree



117th IR, Co. K, 2nd Platoon, 1945
LtoR 2nd row: unknown, Loy W. Robinson (Lincolnton, NC), Red, Posey, Grey, Sgt. C.P. Bender (Chicago, Il), Pfc. Lawrence A. Dennis (24 Bardon St., Riverside, RI)
LtoR 1st row: unknown, Hamlinton, F.J. Ferkovitch (Park Falls, WI), Gerald J. Odegaarde (Renville, MN), Adams

I received the following email on January 19th, 2008 relating to the above photo!!!  It can be a small but EXCITING world.
I recently was looking at your great website on the 30th infantry when I saw a familiar photo of the 117th Co. K.  It's a photo with the group posing with a dog.  On the first row from the left the person sitting was unknown.  It's my father, Robert Waldeck!  The person standing behind him was also listed as unknown and his picture has the name Peterson for this man.  The dog 's name was Maisie.  The picture was taken at Possick, Germany on June 26th, 1945.
Thank you for such a great website honoring these men!
Lorrie McKinney
Philadelphia, Pa


Loy Robinson kept this piece of paper with him from the start of this European tour til he came home.

Loy Robinson notes written after war from his diary.

Typed finished dairy of Loy W. Robinson, 117th IR, Co. K, 2nd platoon.  (Click for PDF file)


October 6th, 1994 just beyond Rimburg, Germany, Pfc. Vernon W. Bauer of Annapolis Road, Baltimore, MD. is seated at a Seigfried Line captured pillbox.  He was resting on his way back to an aid station.  This was in the Wurm River sector taken by US Signal Corp.  There was a dear price paid by 30th men for taking these pillboxes.

Infantrymen and medics dig out soldier half-buried as a result of friendly aircraft bombing 30th Division positions.  Two men staring to the left are Pfc. Zygmund T. Skarbek (extreme left) and T/Sgt. Michael Cirullo, 117th IR, Co. D.  July 25th, 1944, St. Lo, France.  The soldier being dug out is Pfc. Frank D. Joseph, 117th IR, Co. D, (DSC, Croix de Guerre) mortar platoon forward observer.

119th IR casualties in the hedgerows, July, 1944.

German soldiers, some of the thousands who were captured in the fighting at and near Aachen, Germany, march through an English port after crossing the Channel in a landing craft.

U.S. army engineers clear and repair Hitler's highway, running between Aachen and Cologne, for Allied use outside Weisweiler, Germany. Weisweiler was taken by the First U.S. Army November 26, 1944. U.S. Signal Corps Photo  Just a few miles south of the 30th Zone of attack but typical of the terrain.


  This photo was taken in Malmedy after the bombardment by the American Luftwaffe in December, 1944.  It is said to be a 'funeral truck' of the 30th ID picking up the dead.  This is NOT confirmed.  If you have any knowledge please email.  SEE BELOW!!

I have received a reply to the photo above from Philippe Krings of Malmedy.  Photo was taken on the right side of the street: Avenue des Grands Moulins, 5.

More present day photos of Funeral truck location:

Soldier in above photo is standing where red car is parked.

Present day location of truck.

Great map of location of truck. 


Company F, of the 117th Inf. Reg. walk through Alsdorf towards their jumping off point for the attack against Mariadorf on November 16th, 1944.  The gray streets of Alsdorf, cold and damp, was typical of the weather that November.  U.S. Signal Corp photo.  Found on page 133 of the 117th's official history book.

Nazi soldiers are marched through the streets of Ubach, Germany following their surrender to troops of the 30th ID and 2nd AD.  Tanks are possible of the 743 Tk Bn or 2nd Armor Divison.  October, 1944.

Although this photo can not be positively identified as being taken in the 30th Infantry sector, odds are many of these Germans were captured and sent back by Old Hickory.  These German POWs are crossing the Roer River on bridges constructed by US Engineers.  River and river banks are very typical of those the 30th assaulted across.

9th Army crossing of the Roer River on footbridges built by US Engineers.  Unit unidentified but the 30th crossed on similar bridges.  Signal Corp photo states "crossing under a terrific fire".

Photo of Mortain a couple of years after battle.