Series of Aerial Photos of Holland and Belgium...July 21st, 1944 and Sept. 1st, 1944 provided by Arno Lasoe!!

120th Co. I : S/Sgt Shoaf photo album....119 photos.

*La Gleize PHOTO page 117th and 119th Regiments Dec. 19-24, 1944

*Stoumont PHOTO page 119th Regiment Dec. 19-24, 1944

*Stavelot PHOTO page...color photos Hans Weber

*Maison Saint-Edouard....Sanitorium, Stoumont, Belgium...Photos from Bernard Dechamps, Director

*Domfront PHOTO page 30th Division Aug. 15-18, 1944

*Photos of Siegfried Line, Rimburg Castle, Dragon Teeth, Liberation of Belgium/Holland...work of Arno Lasoe.

*Christmas 1944  postcards written and sent Nov. & early Dec. '44

*Various Patches, Medals, Ribbons, Pins that may have been worn by members of the 30th ID.

*30th Infantry Division Original Photos Slideshow Number One. Click on thumbnails above to enlarge photo with description.  15 photos total.

*German Weapons Assortment ....my father brought back 50+, large 13" by 15" German photos. I assume it was a propaganda packet promoting the German military machine.

*Magdeburg, Germany photos...May 1945...117th Infantry Regiment sectors.

*117th Infantry Regiment, Company K photos...unless noted photos taken in Magdeburg, Germany, May 1945.

Life Magazine page...Battle of the Bulge

Misc. Photos of 30th Division outfits and individuals please notice credits.

Photos of Margraten cemetery taken by Paul Geilenkirchen.....a MUST SEE!!!

Aerial Photo of Ubach, Germany and south with some 119th Reg. company positions, Oct. 5th, 1944

Photos of 30th Units and Territories

Photos of 30th Units and Territories.....PART 2

German Death Cards.....sent home by German Army to relatives.

Photos of Route of Task Force Lovelady through Moulin de Ruy and Roanne..Battle of Bulge...Dec. 19-24, 1944
                Special Thanks to Hans Weber for taking these photos for me.

Personal Collection of Vincent Heggen, of Fouron Le Comte, Belgium.  The 30th family is greatly indebted to Mr. Heggen for his gracious kindness to share these ONE OF A KIND 30th photos with us!!!!

Dr. Van Heely 113th F.A. Bn. photo collection....over 650 photos!!!

Dr. Van Heely THEN & NOW photo collection..thanks to Tim Ypelaar of Kerkrade, Holland for NOW photos.

Resistance Commemoration Medal awarded to 30th Division...Oct. 1982.

Henri-Chapelle Cemetery....photos by Arno Lasoe

Photos from the Ardennes by Arno Lasoe....taken May, 2005

Liberation of Fouron-Le-Comte and Surroundings....copyrighted photos of Vincent Heggen..FOR VIEWING ONLY!!

30th Photo Page 3

Photos from National Archives, June 2005.......Mortain...Oberembt...Ardennes...Rhine River

Photos of 30th Signal Company...Special Thanks to Samantha Blatt!!

30th Photo Page 4

30th Photo Page 5

30th Photo Page 6

30th Photo Page 7

30th Photo Page 8

30th Photo Page 9

30th Photo Page 10

30th Photo Page 11

30th Photo Page 12

30th Photo Page 13

30th Photo Page 14

30th Photo Page 15

30th Photo Page 16

30th Photo Page 17

30th Photo Page 18

30th Photo Page 19

30th Photo Page 20

30th Photo Page 21

30th Photo Page 22

30th Photo Page 22 (Copy)

Photo Page of the Battle of Mortain...Then and Now photos...many thanks to Tim Ypelaar of Kerkrade, Holland.