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Feb. 17th....Photo of unknown 30th soldiers as they just return from a patrol.  Special note of ammo clips attached to rifle slings for easy access.  The official caption states only a few days later only one man in this photo survived.  Any help identifying this these men would be greatly appreciated!!!!  During this time period the 30th was back north of Aachen awaiting the Roer River crossing.

Tremendous photo of 119th Inf. Reg., Company A taken in Germany, 1945.  Photo provided by JOHN ROCKLEIN (Chesterfield, VA).   John's grandfather Pfc. Eugene P. Traynor) (Queens, NY) was squad leader, and is photographed dead-center of photo (left-to-right rear row standing 10th in line).

Standing Left to Right: Mann, Deaton, Champ, Clark, Stan, UNKNOWN, UNK, Bearce, Cooper, Traynor, Voss, Durden, Ward, Eastlick, Backman, Paul, Samuel, UNK, Vogel, Pickerign, Lt. Desforges

Kneeling Left to Right: Cockrane, Anderson, Vladyk, Crozier, UNK, Padilla, Viar, Roussell, Craine, Sloss

Sitting Left to Right: Hatcher, Depe, Sapp, Bethlofoun, Whitten, Karzon, Mitchell, UNK, UNK, Reed



The following photos are of William Gouviea, Acushet, MA and men of Battery "A", 118th FA

Thanks to William F. Gouveia for photo of his father, Bill. (118th FA.)


113th FA Bn. Fire Direction Team on maneuvers in Tennessee, 1943.  Most of these men were killed or missing in the LST 133 disaster in the English Channel on June 15th, 1944.

30th Piper Cub recon plane landing in Spa, Belgium...Jan. 45.

Joseph Rowell, 120th Co. E, (platoon sergeant) reminiscing with Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison in 1960 at the Douglas Aircraft plant where Joseph worked.  Photo and article taken from the Douglas Aircraft newsletter and provided by Joe Rowell, Joseph's son.

Nov. 25th....Palenberg, Germany...not sure what division this jeep belongs to but it is 9th Army and is very close to 30th positions the last part of November.  Of course the 30th battled right through Palenberg in early October.   This was weather the troops were battling in November.

March 26th....German prisoners of war are brought back to the Rhine River near Wallach.  These Nazis are at the end of their fighting courtesy of the 30th Infantry Division.

Soldiers, I believe, of the 30th entering Maastricht during its liberation.  Can someone pinpoint location? Update: Special thanks to Giel Weysters of Maastricht...This is the former railroad crossing of the Scharnerweg, locally known as the "Duitse Poort", i.e German Gate, in the northeastern part of Maastricht.

Streets of Palenberg, Germany...Oct. '44...through which the 30th just fought.

Soldiers most probably of the 119th attack German defenses near Heerlen, Holland.

Ubach, Germany...Oct. 44..with slag piles in background soon after its capture by the 30th.

Ubach, Germany...Oct. 44...German POWs move through the streets of Ubach.

In this 11 November 2006, a photograph of the plate which is close of
the war memorial of Valenciennes. "This tree was set up by the colonel Frank W. Towers liberator of
Valenciennes on  September 4, 1944 commanding a section of the 30th
Division of US Infantry. Grateful population."


Aug. 18th, 1944...Caption reads: "Members of an American tank destroyer unit rest beside their camouflaged tank below a wayside shrine near Domfront, France, on a road leading to the front lines."  Odds are this is a 823 TD tank. With further research I found the 823rd did not have self-propelled guns until Dec. 44.  Maybe I could get some help on this.  So probably XIX Corp tank. Maybe some in France can pinpoint the location????
FOUND!!!!  AUG. 2007 John Croxton (See Link) great friend of the 30th searched unceasingly until he found the missing shrine.  It is located 0.5 km south of Lonlay L'Abbaye at the junction of D22 and D56. ( see Yellow arrow on map )  More photos and better description of the shrine are forthcoming.  The 1st Battalion of the 117th came to Domfront this way, so they had to have passed the shrine also.  See photos and history below:

Photos...Fall 2007. 10km north of Domfront.

More photos from Stephane Letessier, Le Neufbourg, Normandie, France:

No. 8

US vehicles cross a street in ruins at Lonlay l’Abbaye.

No. 9

Infantry soldiers and US armoured vehicles come into Lonlay l’abbaye, rue St Michel. Half Track from 41st Armored Infantry Regiment of the 2nd AD. The CCA of the 2nd US AD crosses Ger and Lonlay l’Abbaye on the 14 august 1944.

NO. 10

crossing between the D22 and D56, southeast of the town near the “Champ au Parc” at Lonlay l’Abbaye. A Tank Destroyer controlled a crossroad near a calvary on the road to Domfront, towards the front. A M10 TD hidden under branches belongs to the (assign)  823rd TD Bn (SP) assigned to the 3Oth ID US.

No. 11

A M10 (hidden under branches) of the 823rd TD Bn on his left, a M4 Sherman of 743rd Tank Bn attached to the 30th US Inf. Div. Jeeps and GI’s. Crossing between the D22 and D56, south east of the town next to the “Champs au Parc” in Lonlay l’Abbaye.

German Sturmgeschutz III Ausg.G, I believe in Lonlay L'Abbaye possibly 116th Panzer Division.



Late Feb. '45...Co. L, 119th move through Kirchherten, Germany.

Feb. 24th....155mm Howitzers of the 113th FA cross a pontoon bridge over the Roer River near Schophoven, Germany. 

Feb. 23rd....one of first photos of Roer Crossing--Wire team of the 2nd Battalion, 120th IR carries drums of communication wire across pontoon bridge over the Roer River near Schophoven, German.  Photo also found on p. 164 of 120th history book.

Feb. 23rd...Concealed from enemy observation by chemical fog infantrymen of Co. L, 120th march toward Schophoven jumping off for their crossing of the Roer River.  The 38th Chemical Company, attached to the 30th for the attack was given the job of concealing troop concentrations and bridge-building activities.

Feb. 26th...Pillbox captured by the 30th Division near Niederzier, Germany.  Timber-shored hole six to eight feet deep and surmonted by bolted turret of half inch armor mounting one .30 Cal machine gun.  Photo also found on p. 169 of 120th history book. 

Feb. 24th...Guns of the 113th FA cross the Roer River near Schophoven.

Malmedy citizens return...Jan. 45.

117th men in Cadier en Keer, Holland. 

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