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Photo courtesy of Giel Weysters....not 30th men, they were already in the Bulge, but wonderful photo!! See description below:

The reading on the wall says:
On CHRISTMAS 1944 at midnight a solemn Highmass has been celebrated by reverend Father ............... in this cave for the American soldiers. We, Dutch Brothers of the Immaculate Conception wish all of them a Merry Christmas. May the Holy Christ-child bless you and all your families far away in America. May the battle soon cease and peace rule over the world and you all return to your families save and sound. We shall always thankfully remember that you liberated us  from the terrible German occupation.
We don't know why the name of the reverend father has been removed from the tableau. In any case, his name was father Dobrzynski. The mass was celebrated in one of the many caves in the St. Pietersberg (Saint Peter's Mountain). In these caves many inhabitants sought and found refuge during the war. Also many stranded crew members of shot dawn allied airplanes have been kept in hiding there until save transfer to Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal was possible.


Now/Then Heely collection photo...photos of the old location called Recht Zur Ochsenbarack.  On highway E42 take exit #12 and head towards Recht.  You'll get to route N 660 and when you're out of the woods and in the Recht valley, immediately turn to your right and cross the river.  You're there.  Directions and NOW photos thanks to Kristof Indeherberge of Hasselt, Belgium.

Now/Then Heely photos of above farm.

Now/Then....power pole but these are not the same.

Now/Then...50 cal. machine gun.  113th FA Bn CP Anti Air Defense. Near Recht

Now/Then...B Battery, 113th FA Bn gun position. Ster, Belgium

Ster panorama


April 14th, 1945...When rapidly advancing infantrymen of the 30th division cut a Nazi rail line deep in Germany, they found they had bagged a prison train that was carrying 2500 Jewish slave laborers to camps further behind the lines.  Army and Red Cross officials are now caring for these people, many of whom have already died from malnutrition and lack of medical attention.  SHAEF description on back of photo.  This photo can also be found on p. 59 of the 117th history book.

Photo of train from Dr. Van Heely collection.

Map showing location of train.
The following story appeared in the 30th Infantry Division Association Newsletter:

Tremendous link to New York High School project that furthers this story:

War's Gift: FREEDOM!!!

More on this fascinating story from the 30th Inf. Div. Veteran News ( All Rights Reserved):

ALSO...see Reports Page 12...30th Medical Diary...PART 4!!!  Great details about train!!!

April 5th, 1945...Lt. Col. Hal D. McCown of the 119th, 2nd Bn, questions German prisoners on the banks of the Weser River, at Ohr, Germany.  This photo can also be found on p. 121, 119th history book.

April 5th, 1945...German prisoners cross a bridge over the Weser River near Ohr, Germany.  Troops of the 30th wait for the Germans to come over so they can cross.  Also found on p. 131 of 117th book.
Map of bridge above.  

April 26th, 1945...Wholmirstedt, Germany...Jascha Heifetz accompanied by Seymour Austin Lipkin perform.

April 2nd, 1945...30th Division Ordinance Inspector examines a rocket type shell 15 inches in diameter weighing about 1500 pounds which, along with a howitzer-like gun, was capture in the current drive from the Rhine River.

531st Antiaircraft Artillery, Battery C with 40mmm M-51 fitted with new Stiffkey Stick, near Stiffkey, England...April 10th, 1944.

May 10th, 1945...Oschersleben, Germany...30th HQ...Chaplain George Kmeik, Detroit, MI in charge of Catholic Mass for men of the 30th HQ, commemorating the end of the war in Europe.

June 12th, 1945....Auerbach, Germany...120th men stop Germans, Czechs, Lithuanians, and Russians to line up for their daily ration of soup and bread. 

Memorial plates honoring the liberation of Dutch territory by the 30th Division
Thanks to Arno Lasoe

Scans from Leona Gavell Hill..Thank you.

  Heerlen, September 17th, 1944


30th convoy leaving Germany to France on the German Auto-Bahn.


Mortain 120th Anti-Tank painting....click to see and read.

Then... Now...The 1944 photo appears elsewhere on this site...it was provided by Scott Shipman whose father served with the 117th, Co. K.  His father is in this photo.  The Now photo was taken by and special thanks to Rene Bonatti of Evreux, France.  I'm not sure about the date...would make more sense if it were July 9th, 1944.  Lison is just northeast of St. Fromond.  They could have been replacements headed for the regiment if the photo was taken in August. 


Two photos provided by Ben Savelkoul of Voerendaal, The Netherlands.  These photos were from his hometown history collection.  I have concluded that the men in the photos are of the 119th, 1st Battalion and the day probably Sunday Sept. 17th, 1944.  The 743rd TB history book puts their tanks in Voerendaal on the same day.  So the tank most likely a Verify vehicle. 
Now photo of above...thanks to Ben Savelkoul!!

More photos from Ben Savelkoul of 119th men in Voerendaal on Sept. 17th, 1944.

A farm in the town Voerendaal location marked with Red Arrow on map below.  This photo was taken after 30th men had liberated the area.  Note the artillery damage.

Same farm as above....June 2007. 

Blue area marks the location of the 119th troops in photos above.

Maps of Voerendaal


The following photos are of Cpl. Shelton Caulder of the 113th FA provided by his grandson, Mike Caulder.  If you recognize any one or place please email with information:

Cpl. Caulder in front row next to dog. On left in each photo.

Front row: Poulas, Chicago; Sunderland, Oklahoma  Second row: Brower, Chicago; Caulder, NC; Jenello, NYC; Perry, Nevada; Depetro, OH  Back row:  Donahue, Ohio; Lewis, Michigan; Susan, Michigan; Skarr or Sharr, Iowa.

Unknown soldier and building.

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