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Siegfried Line Aerial photos taken September, 1944.  These are large Adobe PDF files.  Please be patient as they load.  Be sure and use the ZOOM tool to enlarge the photos.  Legend Key found at bottom of maps.  Thanks to Tim Ypelaar of Kerkrade, Holland for providing these for this website.

PHOTO #1     PHOTO #2    PHOTO #3    PHOTO #4

    Missed the trip south.
There were 2 places in Kerkrade, were everyone would go ice skating. That was Erestein and Rolduc. Since the picture has been taken on 1st January 1945, I guess it has been taken on Rolduc. I think this becuase most US troops had already left by January, but "Abdij Rolduc" served as a Restcenter until the summer of 1945.  Tim Ypelaar, Kerkrade, Holland

Fred Eckard, 120th, Berwick, PA

On the 2nd photo of Fred Eckard with the woman, you can see him with the sister of my grandpa. She was getting married that day and he was a guest. My grandma always told me that Soldier Fred was a bit in love with "Tante Troutje" (the woman in the photo), but she married another man that day.

There was another story about Fred Eckard, he once gave his pistol to Troutje, and said it wasn't loaded. So as a joke she aimed it at Fred and said "Pang Pang", at that moment the gun went off, and missed him by a hair. She shot the ceiling so bits of the ceiling fell into the soup the mother of my grandma was making. I bet that scared him a lot, that he nearly didn't survive the war trhough his own fault. I guess he made it through the war since I can't find any proof that he didn't. ABMC doesn't have a Fred Eckard in there files and he isn't named in the KIA list of Robert L. Hewitt's book about the 30th.  Tim Ypelaar, Kerkrade, Holland

ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on ECKARD...Please email this website!!!

30th infantry men mount a 823rd Tank Destroyer M10 during the preparations for crossing the Rhine River on March 24th, 1945.

3-inch AT gun of the 823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion supports the 117th Infantry Regiment during the fighting in Schauffenburg on Oct. 9th, 1944.

German captives from the city of Hamelin watch 30th Division soldiers...here unloading a machinegun tripod....as the cross the Weser River on April 7th, 1945.

German Mark V Panther and Crew KIA.  This is an exceptional combat photo taken by P.M. Larkin (Sgt. 30th PRS, 10th PG, US Army 9th Air Force) featuring a knocked-out Panzerkampfwagen V (Panther) Ausf A (Sd Kfz 171).  The bodies of the crew members are strewn about the ground and beside the turret.  Wreckage of an unidentified AFV in the background (left) and a US Army "6x6" truck (right).  This photo was taken shortly before the start of Operation Cobra that began on July 25th, 1944.  The photographer stopped to take this photo en route to make a motion picture film of the carpet bombing.  The position of this photo is Northeast of St. Lo in the vicinity of the villages of Amigny and Rampan, north of the Perriers-St. Lo road.  The tank is most probably of the Panzer Lehr division and right smack in the middle of the 30th's zone of attack.  Please refer to above map.

Aerial photo taken shortly after a tank battle near St. Lo in July, 1944.  Taken by 30th Photo Recon Squadron, 10 photo Recon Group, US Army 9th Air Force.  Although exact location is unknown the same squadron did take photos identified as NW of St. Lo in the 30th's zone.

Photo and map of 120th IR, 1st Battalion passing through Hebecrevon, France on July 26th, 1944.  An M29 tracked vehicle in center.  Photo: US Army Signal Corp.  Map: "Workhorse of the Western Front".

Inhabitants of Maastricht cross what is left of the Wilhelmina Bridge across the Meuse.  It had been destroyed by retreating Germans to slow down the American advance.  Sept. 16th, 1944-US Signal Corp



    119th, Co. M being ferried across the Meuse River by members of the Belgian White Army.  Sept. 1944.

Same crossing...May 2006


Not 30th but tremendous photo I obtained...had to include.

This gun could have easily been used against 30th men.

1st Division was on the 30th's left flank.

Not 30th but a classic Bulge photo of 101st.

2nd Armored Division was southeast of 30th during Mortain.

Again not sure if 30th but near St. Lo, July 15th, 1944.

Original photo of 117th GIs entering Evreux, France.  Photo also found in 117th official history book.  Page 33.

Albert Canal, Belgium

William Fuller, 113th FA,  Souvenirs Summer, 1945...Fuller at the right.

L-4 Grasshopper Field Artillery Observation planes....#44 on side means 30th Division.

LtoR: PFC Robert Crout, Columbia, SC; T/5 Raymond Clements, Indiantown, FL; SGT. Clarence West, Lilly, LA;  CPL. Buel C. Sheridan, Sheridan TX; SGT. Clyde Gentry, Tucson ,AZ; 2nd LT. Arion Revis, Klamath Falls, OR.  Members of the 823 Tank Destroyer Battalion, Company C.  These men fought at Stavelot.

March 23rd...Working with separate units of the XVI Corps four brothers from Knoxville, TN met for the first time on the continent at Linfort, Germany.  L-R: Pvt. William E. Kitts, of 75th ID, Pvt. Ray E. Kitts, of 30th ID, Pfc. Harlan S. Kitts, XVI Corps Signal Battalion, Pfc. Gene Kitts of the 8th AD.

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