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Liberation of Noorbeek, Holland:

Map of Noorbeek, Holland area.

Brief description of liberation.

Excerpt from the Journal of 1st Lt. David F. Knox, 119th, Co. L.

Jeep of the XIX Corp moves into Noorbeek, Holland after liberation by the 119th's Co. K & L.

30th troops move through Noorbeek.  Photos never before, I believe, seen in the United States!!! Most likely 119th men.
Photos taken by the Raeven family...and provided by Jeroen van Can and Frank Gubbels.....many thanks!!!

Dutch police motorcycle (left)

Please click on link below that takes you to the Liberation of Noorbeek site:


Photos of the 1944 "Victory/Liberation Parade of Noorbeek, HOLLAND...special thanks to Jorge and Frank Gubbels:

Sending Hitler to the Moon!?! 


Present day photo of bridge in Valkenburg, Holland dedicated to the 30th liberators:

   Inscription reads: "Old Hickory Bridge; marks the place where the American Liberators in September, 1944 crossed the River Geul for the first time".   Photos provided by Ben "the Dutchman" Savelkoul...the 30th thanks you!!!

Excerpt from Workhorse of the Western Front      Map of Valkenburg area


Brigadier General  William K. Harrison, Jr. and Capt. John E. Kent, Co. A, 117th.

Sad Signal Corps photo of Belgium residents of Stavelot carrying the body of a victim of Nazi atrocity killings in Stavelot and being placed in a common grave.  December 30th, 1944. 

On 9 July 1944 a column of Sherman tanks drove past two type "J" Panzer IV's belonging to the 2nd SS Panzer Division, near Saint-Fromond, during the time when the Germans were attempting to block the American advance towards St-Lo. The two tanks had been put out of action by the men of the 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division. The insignia of the 2nd SS, the "Runes of Combat" can clearly been seen on the left of the rear hulls of the two tanks.  This photo can also be found on Page 84 of the 117th History book.

Members of the Ninth Army antiaircraft unit on the alert for enemy aircraft.  Dragons teeth of the Siegfried Line are seen in the background.  531st AAA Battalion, 30th Infantry Division   12/16/44. 


James Miller, 197th Field Artillery 

Flag captured at Ft. Eben Emael, Belgium Sept. '44. Picture taken at Wijn, Holland, Nov. '44.


This photo is found on page 140 of the 120th History Book.  Great photo of "booties" developed to fight the Ardennes cold.

Finished German tanks at the Krupp Factory in Magdeburg, Germany.   April 20th, 1945.

Sturmgeschutz of Kampfgruppe Y of the Panzerbrigade 150...posing as a Company C, 81st TB tank.  Found abandoned on the N32 road at Geromont.  291st engineers remove a booby trap from it on Jan. 15th, 1945.

This photo found in the photo section of Workhorse of the Western Front.  Caption reads, "Strafing kept life from becoming monotonous.

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