Ninth Army patch...... Lt. Gen. W.H. Simpson, commanding.

Since HQ 9th Army was essentially HQ 4th Army under a new name when formed, the new patch reflected that origin. The white heraldic rosette on a red nonagon with the four-leaf clover representing the former 4th Army. Code name "Conquer" was selected for the HQs.

XIX Corp patch "Tomahawk"

Major General Charles H. Corlett, March 10, '44 to Oct. 15, '44; Lieutenant General Raymond S. McLain Oct. 18th, 1944 until after VE Day......Commanders.

30th Infantry Division patch

"O" Old...."H" Hickory....XXX....30. Maj. Gen. Leland S. Hobbs, commanding.

117th Infantry Regimental pin

"Break Through".....The roots of 117th began in the hills of Tennessee in 1774 with four regiments of the Tenn. Militia at the Battle of Kanawha or Point Pleasant. WWII...Col. Walter M. Johnson, commanding.

Combat Infantryman Badge

Must have been engaged in active ground combat.

European Campaign Medal and Ribbon w/four bronze stars.

European-African-Middle East Campaign for service between Dec. 7th, '41 & Nov. 8th, '45. Bronze star for each campaign: Normandy, No. France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe.

American Campaign medal and ribbon

For service in American Theater of Operations between Dec. 7th, '41 & Mar. 2nd, '46.

Army of Occupation of Germany or Japan

For thirty days or more consecutive service as Occupation Forces.

Victory Medal

For service between Dec. 7th, '41 & Dec. 31st, '46.

Belgian Fourragere of the Croix de Guerre

Must have been on active duty BOTH on Sept. 1-10, '44 and Jan. 17-25, '45.

Good Conduct medal and ribbon

After Dec. 7th, '41 served at least one year of honorable federal military service while the United States was at war.

Bronze Star

"For Heroic or Meritorious Achievement of Service, not involving aerial flight, in connection with Operations Against an Opposing Armed Force."

119th Regimental Pin

120th Regimental Pin