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Combat Reels...30th Infantry Division
Unedited Raw Combat Footage covering the 30th from May 1944 to August 1944...just prior to Mortain.  This is NOT a documentary but rare footage shot by combat cameramen that were there!!  No sound but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  Click the following link to order.   AGAIN....this is a must, in my opinion.   I receive no compensation for this recommendation.

  Click to enlarge photo    CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER from Combat Reels, Fort Worth, TX


Link to YouTube film of the Liberation of Heerlen....placed by a 15 year old Dutch girl.

Tragedy at Gross Steinum, Germany....April, 1945

Battle of Hollen, Germany......Feb. 25th, 1945....119th, Co. G.

Lt. Col. Jochen Peiper......Atrocity Trial Testimony obtained from U.S. Army Center of Military History....Adobe PDF file.
Supplement to above Peiper Testimony.....rest of report..also Adobe PDF file.

"Too Many Men" article by Col. Branner P. Purdue, Commander of the 120th Infantry Regiment....written for the Infantry Journal......Adobe PDF file.

120th Journal for December 21st, 1944....Malmedy Defense


30th veterans revisit Holland and shake hands with Prince Willem Alexander

Please click on following links for photos and information on the liberation of Holland:

TV Valkenburg documentary .............14 September, 1944.

US Non-Airborne Troops in Holland in World War II

Photos of Liberation...many of Eijsden.....September, 1944.


Vire River Crossing....July 7-20, 1944

119th Co. D.....Lt. Donald J. Strand...Letter dated Oct. 2nd, 1984 relating his experience in the Bulge.  Special thanks to Dennis Strand for providing and giving permission to share this valuable 30th history!!  Adobe PDF file

823rd Tank Battalion...Memorial Service Program....May 20th, 1945...Evangelical Lutheran Church,  Colbitz, Germany.   A rare solemn reminder of the great sacrifice of these brave men.

823rd Tank Battalion..Lt. Col. Stanley Dettmer's Army Officers Notebook....in two parts...Adobe PDF files.   PART 1    PART 2


Liberation of Heer...Diary of a resident of Beek, Holland...Aug. 31st to Sept. 20th, 1944
Adobe PDF file....17 pages.

1940's Map of Heer


In Memory of
Staff Sergeant
Dwayne Donald Lester
Hot Springs, South Dakota
Fall River County
April 4, 1918 -- January 15, 1945
Killed in Action at St. Vith, Belgium

Dwayne Donald Lester

Dwayne Donald Lester was the son of Ira and Anna Haley Lester. He was born April 4, 1918, in Philip, South Dakota. Mr. Lester went to school in Philip, South Dakota. Dwayne was a fine, likeable young man who made many friends. After graduating from Philip High School, he moved to Hot Springs. He drove truck and later worked as a taxicab driver in Hot Springs. He was also a clerk at the Black Hills Hotel in Hot Springs. Dwayne Lester met Lucille Haley in 1938, and they married in the spring of 1939. They moved to Denver and Mr. Lester worked at Remington Factory in Rapid. They had one son, Donald Eugene Lester, who was born May 27, 1940.

Staff Sergeant Dwayne Donald Lester enlisted in the Army in January, 1944. He received his basic training in South Carolina. Staff Sergeant Lester was in the military one year before coming home for the summer on furlough. He then went directly to England, where he landed in August. The next month he joined the 30th Division of the First Army in France. As an infantryman, Sergeant Lester took part in chasing the Germans out of France, and in the hard fighting which took place in Belgium, Holland, and Germany. The 30th or "Old Hickory" division, which Sergeant Lester joined in September, was the first outfit to crack the famed Siegfried line in Germany. It spearheaded almost every drive which the American Armies made against the enemy. On October 18, Sergeant Dwayne D. Lester was promoted from Private to Sergeant. He was then promoted to Staff Sergeant. While in the service he sent home a Christmas card to his wife and son:

Dearest Lucille and Donnie,
To two of the sweetest people I know. Iím wishing you a Merry X-mas and
Happy New Year.

Staff Sergeant Dwayne D. Lester was killed in action in Belgium on January 15, 1945 according to a telegram by Colonel Walter M. Johnson, Colonel of the 117th Infantry.

He died in the line of duty, in keeping with the highest standards and traditions of the Army and of his country which he served so nobly and well. No man could have done more to help bring an early end to this crusade for human freedom. He was a soldier and a man. Both officers and men of his unit miss him greatly, but his courageous example in making the supreme sacrifice has given all of us additional strength to complete the unfinished tasks before us.

Army Staff Sergeant Dwayne D. Lester received two Bronze stars and a citation in Germany in December for meritorious service. Staff Sergeant Dwayne Lester was originally buried in Belgium. He was later brought back to the United States and buried in Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Lincoln County, Nebraska.

I will remember the service and sacrifice of Staff Sergeant Dwayne D. Lester. He was a great man who served his country with the greatest of honor.

This biography was respectfully submitted by Haley McClure, 11th grade at Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, South Dakota, April 26, 2002. Information for this entry was provided by Mrs. Lucille Gillespie, Seattle Washington, wife of Army Staff Sergeant Dwayne D. Lester.


Hello Warren!

Are you Okay!
Look what I bought!
It's a bottle of beer made in 1994, remembering 50 years of liberation. Made in Maastricht (the first Liberated Dutch city, Sept. 14 1944) by the "Ridder Brewery Maastricht".
On the front you can see the "White Star of the city of Maastricht" and the "Old Hickory badge". On the back it says (in Dutch):
"On June 13th 1944 the 30th Infantry Division ("The Old Hickory "Division") under command of general-major Hobbs, landed on the beaches of Normandy. Via Waterloo and Tongeren they stood on sept. 13th on the banks of the river Maas (Meuse) and they liberated "Wyck", the part of Maastricht where the "Ridder Brewery" is located. On September 14th the rest of Maastricht was also liberated, and a pontoon bridge was made across the river. In Remembrance and celebrating 50 years of Liberation of Maastricht, by the Old Hickory Division, the Ridder Brewery specialty made this beer.".
Although I like a glass of beer now and then, you will understand that I won't open this one!!
Greetings from Noorbeek, the Netherlands.
JP Wyers.




New book detailing the Dec. 19th Battle for Stoumont.
Click for DETAILS...Duel in the mist