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June 28th, 1944.....Commanding Officer of the 119th Inf. Regiment Col. A.V. Ednie, Baton Rouge, LA and Capt. Vodra C. Phillips, Fayette, MO, operating officer of the 743rd Tank Bn. have a get together in order to have perfect coordination in the next battle.  Other tank and infantry commanders are present at the meeting.

Pvt. 'Nick' F. Larweth, DeLand, FL washes his feet for the first time in 21 days.  Pfc. Gene Kennemer, Rockport, TX enjoys a cigarette.   Tessy-Sur-Vire....Aug. 2nd, 1944.

Co. A, 120th..."Up and at Em" in the Battle for the Hedgerows near Mortain, Aug. 9th, 1944.

Co. D, 734rd Tank Battalion...An American tank moves along the road to Domfront, France pacing the leading element of armor in the drive in that area.  (Looks like a M10 Tank Destroyer to me and probably photo is mislabeled. ( If TD then probably XIX Corps tank. )
More information on the above photo....added Dec. 2010:

Dear Mr Watson
 After many research about all member of our group, this is what we could said about these photos.
 For this photo labelled as follow “Co. D, 734rd Tank Battalion...An American tank moves along the road to Domfront, France pacing the leading element of armor in the drive in that area.”

 It is not possible on this picture that the tank was an element of D Co 734rd (743rd) Tk Bn. first because D Co is equipped with only light tank M5,

second because on this picture it’s a Tank M10 destroyer which equips only the TD Bn. M4 Sherman equipping Tank Bn.

Third this TDM10 is an element of Co A, it is the vehicle number 21 of this unit (A-21), it carries the nickname “Account”.

The equipment in front of the marking A21 on the hull seems to be a cover bag BG-56 for antenna for the SCR Radio

jeepbb.free.fr/photos/radio/antenne/bg56_1.jp g
 (but too short for the flag set M-238)

www.ssrsi.org/sr1/Comms/_FM21-60/2160chap3.ht m
According to Didier Lodieu, page 66 of its book: To die for Saint-Lo, History & Collections, 2004 it would belong to 899th TD Bn (SP).

And located this picture as so  “July 11, 1944, near Saint Jean de Daye a Tank M10 Destroyer supports the 9th US inf. Div. to break the counter-attack of Kampfgruppe of Major Schöne.”

 But, it seems that on the photograph the GI in front of the TD M10 carries the insignia of an Armored division on the left side of its helmet.

After having, followed battles routes of various Armored Divisions, only 2d AD is in this area. And the only unit equipped with TD M10 in the 2d AD is the 702d TD Bn.

 For this picture labelled “M10 (hidden under branches) of the 823rd TD Bn on his left, a M4 Sherman of 743rd Tank Bn attached to the 30th US Inf. Div. Jeeps and GI’s. Crossing between the D22 and D56, south east of the town next to the “Champs au Parc” in Lonlay l’Abbaye.”
Our conclusion to date is:

A Tank M10 Destroyer (hidden under branches) of the Co. 702nd T.D. Bn., with the low part of the “Fording Kit” and on its left a Sherman M4 of the 743rd Bn Tank. It is equipped with a “Culin hedgerow cutter” (cut hedge for crossing the Normans hedges, another name of this equipment ” Rhinoceros “).

Crossing between the D22 and D217, in the south-east of the commune of Lonlay l'Abbaye, see here:
Marks of framing on the photograph, probably to show to eliminate identifiable elements, like totem German on the extreme right-hand side, here:

In this site:
Cote:13 Num 992
See the same road jucntion under another angle p011216
The area in 2007:




9 August at 17:50 at Barenton 3/120th INF is relieved by the 137th INF 35th ID. (1/37th INF more exactly) 

2/120 advance along the road towards Ger and take the hill 263, it’s in the north of Bousentier now the D36 (for your research always as the map IGN, French National Geographic Institute)


Many combats take place in this area and in the wood.

Remain in this sector until August 11th, when the 3/120 move towards Barenton, except that it leaves a line of defence with L & I companies running from the hill 263 until the road junction Barenton-Domfront (now D-907 ex NR 807, Area St George de Bovelle (rather St Georges de Rouelley),

12 august, the 120th is relieved completely by the 4th Cav Group

But that doesn’t corroborate the fact that the 743d Tk Bn and 120th crossed Lonlay, on this date.

 But on in another hand it’s known that on, the 14 August, 1/117th arrive in front of Rouelle, where they see Domfront.  At this time they are shelled by German artillery, as a result men unload and move on feet towards the heights overhanging Lonlay.

And digging their fox holes for the night without to be detected by the German positions, C Co on the left, B Co in the center and A Co on the right.

 The following day they move along the roads from heights, which was cleared (mines) by the engineer, then crossed Lonlay. And advances about 5 miles to east in direction of Opine-l'obiere (in fact misspelling read Epine-obiere)

And relieved the 28th ID and 2d AD (and probably this is the TDM10 of the 702d TD Bn, 2d AD that is see in this picture).

Thus 1/117th crosses this road junction. May be this photo have been take at this moment, it’s seem to be highly plausible.

Has I read in the officials reports is the only time which one of these units was before this date so close to Lonlay. (Really cross the town)

 But without having incontestable evidence better is to leave a shortest legend.

Is not simple this history but surely less than that appeared it at the beginning

 With best regards

Patrick Peccatte
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A M10 (hidden under branches) of the 823rd TD Bn on his left, a M4 Sherman of 743rd Tank Bn attached to the 30th US Inf. Div. Jeeps and GI’s. Crossing between the D22 and D56, south east of the town next to the “Champs au Parc” in Lonlay l’Abbaye.

Aug. 15th, 1944 near Domfront, France...These five men, part of a heavy weapons company, 2nd Battalion, 120th Inf. Regiment, with stood six days of continuous attack from enemy troops when they were cut off in the Domfront Sector (Mortain) and entirely surrounded.  L to R: Cpl. David C. Rose, Campton , KY; Lt. Robert S. Warnick, Philadelphia, PA; S/Sgt. Robert W. Wilson, Canton, OH; S/Sgt. Joseph Wathen, Cantaburym KY; and S/Sgt. Robert E. Neahr, Grand Rapids, MI.

Aug. 2nd, 1944....American troops and armor of the 30th ID and 2nd AD occupy the French town of Tessy Sur Vire but still remain on the alert for enemy activity.

Aug. 17th, 1944...Gen. Hobbs awards the Silver Star to two officers (not identified) of the 113th Cavalry Division.


Aug. 15th, 1944...Infantrymen of Company B, 120th Inf. Reg. cut through a field alongside a road to avoid crossing in the open and giving German Snipers a target.
NOW photo of photo above!!  Sent by Ian Wood!!!  Many thanks.

1944 map with yellow arrow pointing at intersection.  2008 Map of same intersection.

Excerpt from Ken Parker's Civilian At War. Excerpt from Capt. Murray Pulver's "The Longest Year".

    From the 120th History Book.  


Sept. 13th, 1944...An advance patrol nearing Maastricht, Holland makes it way through an apple orchard.  1st Platoon, Co. C, 117th IR.

Sept. 11th, 1944...An infantry unit crosses the Albert Canal in Belgium in assault boats driving eastward towards Germany.  Co. L, 119th IR.

Oct. 8th, 1944...Pfc. R. LaRock, Helena, MT, Co. E. 119th IR, relaxes after battle by playing piano in wrecked German Beer Hall in Ubach, Germany. 

Oct. 12th, 1944...German pill box disguised as a small wooden building now serves as the artillery command post for Company D, 120th IR.  Ottenfeld, Germany east of Herzogenrath.

Oct. 4th, 1944...Cpl. Joseph Oldham, Brownwood, TX, admires the art work in the chapel of the Rimburg Castle on the Dutch-German border during a lull in the fighting action.

Oct. 30th, 1944...Engineers of Co. B, 105th Eng. Bn use between 600-1000 lbs. of TNT to destroy a pillbox along the Siegfried Line.

Aug. 16th, 1945...Most decorated 30th ID enlisted men and officers meet with their commanding Generals before boarding the "Queen Mary" at Southhampton Port of Embarkation, England, for redeployment to the United States.  L-R: 1st Row; Pfc. Louis J. Cullen, 119th of 631 Freeman St., Brookfield, MO (Silver & Bronze Star); Pfc. Frank D. Joseph Jr.,117th of 878 Sandusky St., Ashland, OH (Distinguished Service Cross & French Croix De Guerre); 1st Sgt. Francis S. Currey, 120th of Box 192, Hurleyville,  NY (Congressional Medal of Honor & Silver Star); Maj. General Leland S. Hobbs; Brig. General James M. Lewis; Pfc. Kenneth C. Thayer, 119th of 411 Coolidge Rd, Utica, NY (Distinguished Service Cross); 1st Lt. Thelbert L. Barker, 119th of Hunt, VA (Silver Star & Bronze Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster);  2nd Row: L-R; S/Sgt. Edwin S. Wolski, 117th of Hildreth Ave., South Hadley, MA (Silver and Bronze Stars); S/Sgt. Franklin W. Denius, 230th FA of 507 E. Tyler St., Athens, TX (Silver Star w/ 2 Oak Leaf Clusters); Capt. Edward M Hill, 120th, (Silver Star & Bronze Star w/ 4 Oak Leaf Clusters); Capt. Gerald E. Posner, 119th, (Silver Star w/ Oak Leaf Cluster & Bronze Star); Sgt. James R. Van Winkle, 117th, (Silver Star & Bronze Star w/ 2 Oak Leaf Clusters).

Nov. 4th, 1944...Two happy infantrymen receive their first new clean clothes since D-Day at the supply room of a rest area for front-line troops in Kerkrade, Holland.  Left to Right: Sgt. Jack L. Litinisky, Detroit, MI; S/Sgt. Pete Upton of Gastovia, N.C., Supply Sergeant; and Pfc. Melvin M. Hoy, Waynesboro, Va. The infantrymen spend 48 hours in the rest area before returning to duty.  117th Infantry Regiment

Nov. 6th, 1944...120th, Co. K troops move through Herzogenrath on a road repaired by Co. B, 247th Engineers.

Nov. 16th, 1944...120th, Co. A advances through a field as they move up for the attack on Euchen.  An added note:  the photographer of this photo, T/5 Aubrey Drummond, 167th Signal Corp, was wounded in this attack.

Nov. 19th, 1944..troops move up near Setterich.

Nov. 21st, 1944...Men of the 120th pass a km sign on the road between Warden and Langweiler. This must be Company B...read about the attack on pages 107-9 in 120th History Book.

Nov. 21st, 1944...Soldiers of the 120th, 2nd Bn. move out from Kinzweiler to attack Lurkin.  Photo also found on page 111 of the 120th history book and on page 130 of the 117th history there is a different photo taken from the same location. 

Then and Now

Same location as photo above...found in 117th history.

Then and Now

Nov. 27th, 1944...Men of the 120th, 1st Bn. move out from Pattern as they attack Altdorf.   Fierce German resistance was encountered on this attack.

Maps to accompany above photos.

Nov. 15th, 1944...T/Sgt. Thomas W. Folgi, Chicago, Ill. is holding projectile which he is about to put in this captured German anti-tank gun, somewhere in Germany.  This is an interesting photo..it appears on page 67 in the 117th history and on page 92 in the 120th book.  Sgt. Folgi was a member of Co. A, 120th and received the SS w/OLC but I am not sure for which action.  I found his named mention twice in the 120th book. First on page 88: "His cries of anguish and pain, heard above the din of battle, reached the ears of T/Sgt. Thomas W. Folgi, Cpl. Loman Hartline, and Pfc. Michel Mercurio.  These men ran forward through the intense enemy fire, climbed on top of the tank and succeeded in pulling the man out.  Using a blanket which they had brought with them, they smothered the fire on the tanker's clothing.  With the injured man begging his rescuers to shoot him and put him out of his misery, they carried him back with them almost to safety.  Then a shell struck a pillbox near by and the resulting explosion threw them to the ground.  Fortunately none of the men was wounded and, under cover of smoke which had been laid down to conceal their actions, they finally succeeded in reaching the rear of the pillbox.  Here litter bears carried the wounded man back to an aid station.  As for T/Sgt. Fogli, Cpl. Hartline and Pfc. Mercurio...they went back to the business of fighting Germans."  This action occurred on Oct. 8th near Reifeld.  Second T/Sgt. Folgi appears on page 91...Oct. 10th during the attack of Birk from a line of departure between Esel and Bardenberg: "Several times during the day German tanks supported by infantry advanced toward our lines, but artillery, cannon, tank-destroyer and machine-gun fire broke up these reconnaissance-in-force each time.  In all, fourteen enemy tanks were destroyed during the day.  One of these was knocked out by T/Sgt. Fogli of Co. A with a captured German anti-tank gun fired at a range of 200 yards."  Since this action occurred on Oct. 10th and the photo was taken on Nov. 15th, I assume the photo was staged to illustrate the heroic actions of Sgt. Folgi.
  Map of above action.

Nov. 18, 1944...View of blasted buildings in Euchen in the wake of the stubborn German resistance.  Photo found also on page 101 of 120th history and mislabeled on page 84 of the 117th book.

Nov. 15th, 1944...Standing up in this new GI form-fitting sleeping bag is Pvt. James M Saul, Co. A, 120th whose home is Bristol, TN.  Taken in Herzogenrath, Germany.

Nov. 27th, 1944...Not much of caption with this photo...120th is identified.  This photo appears in the 120th book on page 106 with a caption of: "It was not all town fighting."

Nov.27th, 1944...120th troops use roadside wall for protection.  On page 115th of 120th book same photo caption reads: 'Good old wall-for beyond it was the enemy."  I assume this is movement from Pattern to Altdorf.

Nov. 27th, 1944..Two wounded Germans of a group which was captured by Yanks near Altdorf, Germany.  With them is Cpl. Maxwell Moffett of Rock Hall, MD, 120th Inf. Reg.

Nov. 27th, 1944...Celebrating an early Christmas around what is probably the first GI Christmas tree in Germany are, left to right; Capt. Stanley W. Cooper, Flint, MI, Commanding officer of Co. D, 117th from July 19th through VE day; Sgt. Otho Lawrence, Drayton, S.C.; 1st Lt. Ray H. Rose, Manassa, MI, playing captured German accordion; T/5 Max Tabachnick, Pittsburgh, PA; 1st Lt. Theodore W. Hart, Detroit, MI; Sgt. Joseph M. Gallo, Derby, CN.  All of Co. D, 117th in Alsdorf, Germany.

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