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Photo Album of Pfc. Ray Sturm, 119th HQ Co., Communications Section:

This is an ongoing project...will take some time to complete. 
Special thanks to Greg Acken for making this album available for all to see!!!

Click here to open album scans


Hello my name is Terry LeMarr I hoe you maybe able to help me on page 18 you have a link for scanned photos there is a picture of two soldiers one named Georgia and the other Tom I was wondering if you now Toms last name as I think this maybe my uncle any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Terry LeMarr  CONTACT THIS WEBSITE IF YOU CAN HELP.


Some great "Now" photos to complement photos from the Van Heely collection: Click here for Van Heely Link

Many thanks to:

Hello Warren,  last year I told you about my friend Robert from Mariadorf ( Germany).  In your Old Hickory Page I found some pictures from the area where I live and the house from Robert.  I have made pictures from the house and am sending them to you.
Dear Greetings from Germany
Michael Kuckelkorn

Note Red Circle location!


Tremendous Then/Now photos from Michael Kuckelkorn!! Many Thanks!!

This here is the Church St.Sebastian in Würselen near Aachen,

  The picture is taken Kaiserstraße / corner Lindenstraße-Klosterstraße

This is the end from the Kaiserstrasse in Würselen.
I am amazed who bloody similar the buildings are on the WW2 Pictures and
the current pictures.

This is the Klosterstrasse in Kohlscheid near Aachen. Troops are 119th, Co. I, Oct. 16th, 1944.



Palenberg, Germany...thanks to Sonia Graham.

Now Then

Now Then
 50 yards beyond this church would have been the old railroad crossing, although the station is still there the crossing is gone. 

Photos provided by Arno Lasoe:



Link to tremendous panoramic photo atop Hill 314 at Mortain, France.  Series of photos taken next to Petite Chapelle looking toward the area of the German advance on Mortain:

LINK TO MORTAIN PHOTO    Please give it time to download...huge file.  Provided to this website by Brian Mead.  It is truly an amazing work of art. 


Company D, 119th Infantry Regiment

1st Platoon, Co. D, 119th IR.  Lt. Donald John Strand, platoon commander, 1st left in 2nd row.  Pfc. Roger Casey, author of the book "A Country Boy Goes to
War", 4th from left in top row.


Stoumont, Belgium...September 9th, 2009.


On September 11, 2009  a new monument was dedicated in the City of Cadier en Keer (South Limburg) The Netherlands. It reads: "Freedom should never be taken for granted. "
This memorial stone is a tribute from the citizens of Cadier en Keer to our American liberators the 1st Battalion of the 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, "Old Hickory".
Above all to Pvt. Albert H. Strahle, Jr. of Mission, Texas who was killed in action on this spot on our Liberation Day, September 13th, 1944.


Provided to this website by JP Wyers.  Many thanks!!! Painted in 1994 by Mr. Albert Widdershoven.

Additional photos from the Town Cave in Valkenburg, The Netherlands were locals took refuge during the liberation in Sept. 1944.

Above painting made in 1945...artist a Mr. Linssen.

   Click for close-up detail.   Provided by Frank Gubbels.


Then Now            Larger Scan for detail.

ETO HQ 45 8278 15 Jan
Passed for Publication 18 Jan .... FIELD PRESS CENSOR 
This place GEROMONT is 1000 Yards to the NW of BAUGNEZ - 5 POINTS on the main road WAIMES - MALMEDY
The picture shows 90% confirmed  Fallschirmjäger (3FJD)
The fact that they keep their hands up, suggest they are just taken prisoner.
The date suggest they come from THIRIMONT

Please note the chateau in both photos...key to location!!
Many thanks to Peter Vandersmissen for providing the photos and description.  The 30th family thanks you!!!


High resolution for detail of what I believe after much research is MOST PROBABLY 2nd Armored tanks moving through 120th Inf. Reg. positions attacking south.  I've included a couple of maps.  Big white 'blob' in upper left corner is a dead cow...a common sight all through France. 

Smaller photo of above.  Back of photo.  Maps of area. 

2nd Armor Division tanks CONFIRMED!!

Dear sir,
 I'd like to inform you that the photo on photopage 18 of your website www.oldhickory30th.com/PHOTO18Page.htm that depicts US tanks moving through a field in France with the following caption: "High resolution for detail of what I believe after much research is MOST PROBABLY 2nd Armored tanks moving through 120th Inf. Reg. positions attacking south.  I've included a couple of maps.  Big white 'blob' in upper left corner is a dead cow...a common sight all through France", are in fact tanks of the 2nd Armored Division. As you can see from the picture the tank nearest to the camera man's position that is going down the steep slope is numbered D-13 and is named "Duke". This is the same tank in the picture attached to this e-mail, which clearly shows the "bumper code" of 2A66A (meaning 2nd Armored Division 66th Armored Regiment), confirming that they are 2 Armored tanks in the picture on your site.
 I want to commend you on your site as it is one of the best I have seen so far regarding the history of the liberation of Europe and the detailed information provided therein.
 Best regards
Dirk Jan Gijsbers
The Netherlands


Hello just sending a picture of my Uncle Bayne Colby Teague Co. C 119th Infantry Regiment 30th Infantry Division picture was taken Fort Jackson South Carolina he was from Hickory North Carolina Born: 07 Oct 1920 and Death: 27 Jul 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida I hope you can post it. You have a Great web site I have your site on links page. Check out this page on my site: http://combatveteranonline.net/links03.htm
God Bless and I do get your news letter.


Ed Lyons (DoorGunner)
Disable 100% Vietnam Combat Veteran
25th Infantry Division Cu Chi 68 TET
Class of Feb. 1967 To Sept. 1968
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