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    Two photos of S/Sgt. Leon F. Waguespack, 120th, Co. M.  Leon served throughout the ETO with his best friend Ernest "Johnny" Gaudet.  Leon's son, Mike Waguespack of Centreville, VA would like to know the location of these photos.  Maybe you can make out the name of the German city in the second photo...I can't.  Also any information you may have on his father or Mr. Gaudet.  Email this website or Mike at: Wagspack001@cs.com   Thanks!!!

The following Pfc. Howard Jordan photos were taken with a German camera (which he still has) he acquired from a Hitler youth.

   117th Co. G...Pfc. Howard O. Jordan, Medic serving pre-D-Day to end of war.  THIRD FROM LEFT.....provided by Warren Jordan, Algonquin, Illinois.

Sand table...117th First Battalion officers discuss the Roer River Crossing assault....Lt. Col. Robert E. Frankland (far right)  provided by Warren Jordan.

  Pfc Howard Jordan and friend...provided by Warren Jordan.

Lt. Mopping and Howard Jordan...provided by Warren Jordan.

  Roer River sand table..117th 1st Battalion....Lt.Col. Robert E. Frankland (right)...provided by Warren Jordan.

117th Co. G soldiers with company Chaplin in front of statue of Martin Luther's first sermon site.
                           provided by Warren Jordon.

117th Co. G  provided by Warren Jordan.

  Pfc. Howard Jordan and friend just after learning War in Europe was OVER!! provided by Warren Jordan.


119th Cannon Co. soldiers...Holland...L/R...Klassen, Hicks, Strumm.  Donated by Gordon Strumm.

  Red Hicks of 119th Cannon Co. with Dutch boys in 1945.  Thanks Gordon Strumm.

  Gordon Strumm of 119th Cannon Company, 1945.

Joe Bruno is shown in photo with Gordon Strumm.

Souvenirs brought back by Mr. Strumm.

119th Cannon Co.  Germany, 1945.  Thanks to Gordon Strumm.

119th Cannon Co....Holland..L/R...Back Row:  Rainesburger, Unknown, Red Hicks, Unknown.
                                                                                 From Row: Unknown, Fuller, Strumm
Belt buckle worn by back left soldier is German.  Special thanks for donation to Gordon Strumm.

Camp Blanding, 1943....Gordon Strumm.

Gordon Strumm, Camp Blanding, Florida, 1943.


        Charles R. Richardson, Co. L, 117th Inf. Reg.  BAR man.  Look for Charles stories throughout the site in the near future.  Mr. Richardson has graciously granted permission for this site to provide them. Thanks!!

  Photo of 119th Cannon Co.  Time and Place unknown..if you can help..PLEASE email.

      Sgt. William C. Slappey 30th Reconnaissance Troop  Provided by Harley Crawford

    Sgt. William C. Slappey of the 30th Reconnaissance Troop served from early 1942 at Camp Blanding, FL until mid April, 1945.  He was wounded about 35 miles east of Brunswick, Germany.  He received a leg injury which eventually caused him to lose his leg.  He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star w/4olc, and the Purple Heart w/2olc.  He grew up in Screven Country, GA.  Prior to enlisting in the Army in 1941 he was being scouted by the University of South Carolina to play quarterback and was also being sought after by the New York Yankees organization to play baseball.  Due to the feverish patriotism that young males developed in this time he put all of his sports dreams on the back burner to go off to the Army....by Harley Crawford.

Henry Harrington and Pfc Wisecup 30th Recon. Men......Provided by Harley Crawford

30th Recon. Men.......Provided by Harley Crawford

   106th Inf. Div. 591st Field Artillery, Battery B, 4th Gun...in support of 30th..Roanne, Belgium...Jan. 45.

  Photo taken abroad the USS Wakefield  replacement troops, Philadelphia boys, headed to the ETO at the time of the Battle of the Bulge. The three soldiers named ended up with the 119th.  All three took basic training at Camp Croft, So. Car.  Photo courtesy of Frank Doody, 119/L.  Frank is 79 years old now and Hall,  is 87.  Dorman passed away several years ago. 

Men of 117th, Co. K, Lison, France....Aug. 9th, 1944...Wes Riley "W"...Lt. Simmons to the right.  Any help greatly appreciated.  Lison is about 40 miles north of Mortain. Special Thanks to Scott Shipman

  30th Infantry Memorial at Camp Blanding, FL. 
                            Photo by Dick Tryon

Memorial atop Hill 314m Mortain, France. 
                           Photo courtesy of Darren Byrnes.  Taken Sept. 2004.

30th Men in training.  Note emblem orientation on t-shirt.
                           Photo courtesy of Darren Byrnes.

Photos above of German FW-190F-9s in Oschersleben, Germany...we believe.  Update March 2006: New information provided by Gerry Perrett states that the director of the museum in Oschersleben has examined the photos and determined that they were taken in AGO Oschersleben.   He compared them with known photos and even had them examined by a man who was conscripted by the Russians to dismantle the plant at war's end.  Because of the tail number of the aircraft in view, the planes are actually A-8 or A-9 models.  He also states that the planes were arranged in these buildings because as of April, '45, there was no fuel to ferry them to the Luftwaffe units in the area. Oschersleben was just SE of Magdeburg in the 119th and 2AD sector.  Photos were taken April, 1945.  Seated in the German is fighter is George Perrett of the 119th, Co. G.  Any assistance with further identification of these photos would be greatly appreciated.  Photos provided by Gerry Perrett....George's son.