July 25th, St. Lo offensive, bombing patterns:

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Please credit BOB L. ROBINSON, Son of Pfc W.A. Robinson, G Co/120th
Regt/30th Inf Div, DOW 13 July 217th Gen Hosp Burderop Park, Swindon, UK,
buried U.S. Brookwood Cemetery from wounds rec'd 9 July LE MUSERAND FERME,
S of St Jean de Daye, 6 mi NW St Lo in battles with Pz LEHR & SS 2nd Pz
"DAS REICH" Div. elements.


Two different size aerial photos of the Alsdorf area in November 1944...from Hans Hasenjager...Many Thanks!!!

the attached arial photo shows the region between Alsdorf (with
Kellersberg and Schaufenberg) and Mariadorf after weeks of fighting on
November 18, 1944. Alsdorf was taken by the US troups on October 7,
1944, Schaufenberg a few days later.
(Alsdorf left side of view, Schaufenberg above middle/right, Mariadorf
The German defense line was along the railway from Aachen to Mariadorf,
running from south to north (right below - middle right) and included
the slug pile above the coal mine plant of Mariadorf.
This high resolution image shows the traces of these days of fightings.
Most of the region was covered by constructions of housing after the
war, as it can be seen on google-earth.
This aerial view I want to propose for presentation on one of your web sites.




HIGHLY detailed map of the area south of St.Jean de Daye.


Malmedy 1:200000m map...great detail:

Thirimont Baugnez Arimont Malmedy




Roer River Crossing maps from National Archives:


Vintage 1943 Mortain Map. 

Yellow arrows show the CP of Camp Lucky Strike (Janville) and location of tent city (St. Sylvain).

Vintage map of location of the various 30th Division units when they left the Madgeburg area on May 27th and moved south near Plauen close to the Czechoslovakian border.  Yellow Arrow: 118th Field Artillery   Red Arrow: 117th IR  Green Arrow: 119th IR 
Blue Arrow: 120th IR   Purple Arrow:  30th Division HQ

  G.S. No. 4416 Published by War Office 1943, Central Europe, KOLN......Vintage maps of 30th battle zone from Oct. 44 to Feb. 45 northeast of Aachen.   1:100,000 


Vintage Map south from Isigny to Rampan, France.  EXCELLENT DETAIL!!!

Vintage Map of St. Lo and breakthrough area.  EXCELLENT DETAIL!!!

The 3rd Battalion of the 117th, working on the right of the 119th on Sept. 14th, crossed the Rijksweg (Federal Road) Maastricht-Valkenburg, near Berg en Terblijt.  After liberating Berg they worked their way down the slopes towards the Geul River, where they took Geulhem that afternoon. (D-Day South Limburg)

Maps of the Battle for Stavelot December 1944.

Below:  Stavelot Battle Map and overlays of Capt. John E. Kent, Co. A, 117th Infantry Regiment

Link to Capt. Kent's story on C.R.I.B.A. site


Maps of  December 18th-25th action of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (1st SS Panzer Division), Battle of the Ardennes, from the LAH unit history books, German archives, BA-MA Freiburg, Germany.


Maps of the Route of the 30th through the ETO _________________________________________________

Maps of "Perfect Infantry Attack" Nov. 16-20; "Attack of the Roer: Second Phase"

The two aerial photos below of the Mariadorf/Warden areas are providec by Franz Delhey of Alsdorf, Germany.  They are part of his private collection of the history of the area.  Both photos were made in the first half of Nov. 1944 by Allied pilots.  The 1000 ft. photo shows tremendous detail of the coal mine Mariagrube, slag-pile, railroad embankments, tank tracks, shell and bombcraters, etc.  A million thanks Franz!!!

Taken from approx. 30,000 ft. High Resolution

  Taken from approx. 10,000 ft. High Resolution

Google-Earth photos of Mariadorf area.

Ground photo of slagpile from Schaufenberg, 1944.



30th Movement......Chasse to Brezolles, France...Aug. 19th, 1944  Map dated 1943.

30th Movement.....Brezolles to near Mantes-Gassicourt, France....Aug. 20th-27th, 1944 This link has PDF zoom feature. 119th movement in green, 120th in purple, and the 117th basically followed both but protected the division left flank. 117th command post locations are shown with a blue 117th. The 117th was, however, the first regiment in one the largest captured French towns, Evreux, to date.

30th Movement...Brezolles to near Mantes-Gassicourt, France...Aug. 20th-27th, 1944  left-click on white stars for story.

30th Movement....Through the Teutoberger Wald...Germany....April 2-6, 1944  left-click on white stars for story.
117th BLUE, 119th GREEN, 120th PURPLE, 30th ID (Yellow)

MORTAIN Overlays from National Archives.

West Wall Break Through October, 2-7, 1944   PDF file...Be PATIENT as it loads....be sure and zoom in.
West Wall Break Through October, 2-7, 1944   JPEG File:
Click to ENLARGE

OVERALL VIEW of the 117th St. Vith Offensive..Jan. 13th to 24th, 1945  Detailed map link found below:

Map of 117th Infantry Regiment....St. Vith Offensive...Jan. 13th to 24th, 1945  Left Click on Red Thunderbolts for pictures and descriptions. SEE REPORT PAGE 2 for After Action Reports of preparation and fighting of the entire 30th during the St. Vith Offensive of January, 1945.

Hand-drawn map of area just south of Rimburg Castle in Sept. 1944.  From IDPF file of Wade Verweire of the 119th, Co. C.

Detailed troop movement of during Perfect Infantry Attack, Nov. 16-20

Map Series..Battle for St. Lo....July 7th through 19th...PDF file

Series of 1944 US Army maps of Maastricht, Holland: 
South East  (South East smaller view)
North East   ( North East smaller view) Red Line is general front line on Sept. 15th, 1944.

Aachen 1943 (1:50,000) SHEET #59   France and Belgium  SMALLER Version

Battle of Aachen Map...GERMAN...covers period from Oct. 3rd to 20th, 1944.  Stand=Situation; Abschnitt=Sector; H.K.L.= MLR (Main Line of Resistance)..provided by Arno Lasoe!!

The following maps mark the retreat of the German 81 Army Corps during the month of September 1944. (Note: Arrows with 3.IX are US advance dated Sept. 3.  Arrows with 4.IX US advance Sept. 4th, etc.

Map 1....Situation Sept. 4th   Map 2...Situation Sept 5th & 6th   Map 3...Situation Sept. 7th & 8th  
Map 4.... Situation Sept. 9th through Sept. 20th    Map 5...Situation southeast of Aachen, Sept. 13th to 21st, 1944.

Map of WWII cemeteries, some temporary.

Map Overlay of the positions of the 120th Regiment (Custer) on Oct. 5th, 1944.

Battle Map of Rhine River crossing copied from National Archives...shows positions and objectives.

Roer River Crossing Maps
Feb. 24th  Feb. 24th  Feb. 24th

Battle Map of Rhine River Crossing with Objectives Marked!!  LARGE PDF file....use ZOOM tool.

Siegfried Line Aerial Photos: They were prepared under the direction of engineer, XIX corps. 62nd Engineer Topographic Company, in September 1944. The legend key shows the defenses in red ink and is shown in the lower left corner of the map. They have been made on a 1:25.000 scale, and you can find the number of  which map you're looking at in the lower right corner.

PHOTO #1      PHOTO #2      PHOTO #3     PHOTO #4

Battle map of Mortain

Siegfried to Roer River....from 120th official history book and Workhorse.

Maps of September fighting in Belgium and Holland:

Map and photos of the landing area on Omaha Beach of some of the 30th units. (Click)

Sept. 9th, 1944 Aerial Photos with corresponding map of South Limburg....Siegfried Line.  I have used colored arrows as reference points between the photos and maps.  Special thanks to Arno Lasoe for providing the photos!!

Aerial Photos of Holland and Belgium taken Sept. 1st, 1944.....provided by Arno Lasoe.

Domfront Map  Mortain Map

2nd Armor map of activity north of the 30th advance in Holland.

2nd Armor map of activity north of the 30th's action in early October.