Lt. Robert A. Peters, antitank officer, 3rd Battalion, 117th Infantry Regiment, has graciously given his permission to share with all 30th researchers his letters of correspondence with me.  Capt. William Druckenmiller, who knew Lt. Peters since states-side, remembers him as performing on the 'edge' of orders but aggressive and fearless.

Ubach date was October 4-5, 1944.

Photo...see just above and below!

...through your comprehensive website, I noticed the reference to the 117th being the first to capture the large town of Evreux.
I was the first one in this town, having been out on a recon mission. Someone took a picture and it wound up in the  "Workhorse of the Western Front" book written by Robert Hewitt. No doubt you have a copy of this.
In the middle of the picture section my jeep is shown. The title of the pic is "How do you do!"
We were mobbed by the populace and had trouble getting out of there as all were in a celebrating mood. But we had our job to do, and went on our way as soon as we could.
The pic shows my pedestal mounted 50cal and the bent down radio antenna. I also had a light 30cal machine gun mounted on the "passenger" side (that's me!). We used the 50 a few times to entice some opposition, but never had to use the 30 to defend ourselves.

During the battle of the bulge there were times and places where the snow was a bit deep for the 3/4 tons pulling the guns. Someone thought the problem could be solved with a full track vehicle. I don't remember what it was called (in addition to the many uncomplimentary names). It was about the size of a jeep.  The vehicle had the bad habit of frequently slipping one of the tracks. It could be put back on with some effort, but its use was a far from popular solution and I believe lasted only for a few weeks before we returned to using the 3/4 ton trucks.

I don't know how many units in the bulge used this vehicle.
As indicated, my guys didn't like it at all. Do you have any info in your vast collection?


That's it!
Was it used much by others?
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It wasn't a T24 "Weasel" was it?
Studebaker T24 "Weasel"