Henri-Chapelle Cemetery

Below are present day photo of Henri-Chapelle Cemetery located two miles northwest of the village of Henri-Chapelle, Belgium.
These fantastic photos were taken by Arno Lasoe.  SPECIAL THANKS!!



On a sunny day of the year 2002, three poor guys of the 99th Infantry Division finally found their eternal resting place. Pfc Saul KOKOVITCH, Pfc Jack BECKWITH and Sgt Frederick ZIMMERMAN were buried among their comrades in arms, almost 58 years after being Killed in Action in the Hurtgen Forest, at the very beginning of the Battle of the Bulge.


In December 1944, during the forced withdrawal of their unit, they were reported Missing in Action (MIA). From that time on, nobody knew what had happened to them. In 2001, three young Belgians, collaborating with the 99th Infantry Division Association, organized what they called "The 99th Infantry Division Association Missing In Action Project." Their purpose was to search with metal detectors for the numerous MIA who died in that very thick forest. Their project was a success, as they found some 9 bodies. The three above were found together in April 2001. Their bodies were sent to Hawaii for official identification by the specialized laboratory located in that State. After identification, families were notified. The military authorities gave the next of kin a choice of interment for their beloved: (1) burial in the United States; or (2) returning to Belgium, to rest forever in Henri Chapelle American Cemetery, among their deceased comrades of the 99th Infantry Division. Three of the families chose the second solution. The three caskets were shipped back to Belgium, to the soil where they fell, and to the country they gave their lives for.


Funeral At Margraten


Brunssum War Cemetery. (328 British graves)


Sittard War Cemetery (British Commonwealth War Graves) here in the southern part of the Dutch province of Limburg

    Grave of 19 year old Victoria Cross holder, Dennis Donnini.


St. Joseph Chapel, Rimburg

Dutch veterans from the area of Rimburg realized in 1950 the St. Joseph chapel.  Since 1953 the people in the area are remembering at the chapel those who died during WWII in the surrounding Dutch villages. In 1999 small monument was erected at the chapel with the names of Dutch citizens whom would have been killed during WWII.

Map of St. Joseph Chapel...click PDF link below:


Rimburg St Joseph Chapel.pdf