The Dr. Van Heely 113th Field Artillery Photograph Collection

The late Doctor Heely was Battalion Assistant S3 in the 113th Field Artillery.  The 113th F.A. Bn. was one of four divisional artillery battalions and consisted of 12, 155mm. howitzers which could fire a 95-pound projectile about 14,000 yards.  Dr. Heely told Mike Williard the following story concerning the collection: "When the 113th was at Aschersleben after the war, they found a bombed out JU-88 aircraft manufacturing plant with a complete photography lab.  Dr. Van Heely collected undeveloped film from across the battalion and developed it at the plant.  Everyone that donated film to the effort was given a complete set of prints." The collection consists of over 650 photos...many never before published.  I wish to thank Mrs. Maggie Heely for her gracious permission to allow these photos to be shared with so many 30th family members.    The descriptions with each photo are those of Dr. Heely. 

May/June/July 1944

August 1944

September 1944

October 1944

November 1944

December 1944

January 1945

February 1945

March 1945

April 1945

May 1945

June 1945

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