Domfront, France August 17th, 1944 U.S. Army Engineers clear streets after terrific shelling.

Many replacements for those soldiers lost during the St. Lo breakthrough arrived just after the battle of Mortain. (Photo Aug. 17th)

Much needed training of replacements took place just outside of Domfront on Aug. 17 & 18. (Photo Aug. 17th)

Refresher work on weapons and small-unit instruction took place. (Photo Aug. 17th)

A barn was converted into a movie theater.

Weary soldiers showered and slept. (Photo Aug. 17th, Aerial photos US Signal Corps.

On August 19th the 30th left the Domfront area for Dreux 115 miles away. (Photo Aug. 17th)

The Division was moved by six quartermaster truck companies..42 miles west of Paris. (Photo Aug. 17th)