Capture of Lt. Gen. Kurt Dittmar of Magdeburg

On April 25th, 1945 Lt. Gen. Kurt von Dittmar, German official army news commentator, together with Major Pluskat, Dittmar's son and two orderlies crossed the Eble River.  They crossed at Magdeburg in the the zone of the 117th's Third Battalion.  Dittmar, the German General Staff radio spokesman, crossed in a boat under a white flag.  He had come, he said, to arrange aid for German wounded on the east bank of the Elbe.  It was then discovered he commanded no troops and traveled to the west without the knowledge of the  German commander in that sector.  Dittmar was then offered to surrender but he refused.  On his way back to recross the river he changed his mind and surrendered along with his son and Major Pluskat, an artillery officer.

Lt. Col. McDowell with men of his 117th 3rd Battalion bring Dittmar to the regimental CP.

Dittmar saving his neck.

Dittmar with his son right after surrender.

Dittmar's son, Berend with white flag and General coming in with 117th officers.

Photo by LIFE   Dittmar states:"Ya, Hitler is in Berlin and will die there!"

Dittmar being interviewed by war correspondents at the 117th Regimental CP.  Colonel Walter M. Johnson, commander of the 117th Regiment listens.

Seated at dinner table with Maj. Gen. Leland S. Hobbs are left and center, Young Dittmar and his father Lt. Gen. Kurt K. Dittmar, propaganda aide to Goebbels who was captured by 30th Division officers as he rowed from the east bank of the Elbe River east of Magdeburg to effect the evacuation of Nazi wounded and civilians in face of Russo-American squeeze link-up.  Gen. Dittmar surrendered after a moment of indecision.  Apr. 25th, 1945.