This list of books all contain information about some unit assigned to the 30th Infantry Division during its service in the ETO. If the book does not directly relate to the 30th, it will be noted. When searching for books I always check with Amazon.com.  Here you can find either new or used editions. You may also want to check the gift shop at the the 30th Infantry Division Veterans of WW II web site.

Duel In the Mist Part 3   Link: http://www.panzerwrecksusa.com/Duel-in-the-Mist-Vol.3.html

From Holland to the Rhine: A World War II Account......Gus Rouff, 120th, Co. F....ISBN: 9781493586080

Hidden Hell: Discovering My Father's POW Diary....Robert H. Miller...Patton Publishing...Click for Press Release

"Break Through" History of the 117th Infantry Regiment....1946..Army & Navy Publishing Co...Reprint available at 30th ID Association website gift shop.

History of the 119th Infantry Regiment...1946..Army & Navy Publishing Co....Reprint available at the 30th ID Association website gift shop.

History of the 120th Infantry Regiment..1947...Infantry Journal Inc.....Reprint available at the 30th ID Association website gift shop.

The Battle of the Bulge THEN AND NOW; Jean Paul Pallud; ISBN: 0-900913-40-1

The Devil's Adjutant-Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader; Michael Reynolds; ISBN: 1-885119-15-1

Civilian At War; Ken Parker; ISBN: 0-915937-14-X

Saving the Breakout; Alwyn Featherston; ISBN:0-89141-490-8

A Man Under Orders, Lt Gen. William K. Harrison, Jr.; D. Bruce Lockerbie; ISBN: 0-06-065257-8

Workhorse of the Western Front, The Story of the 30th Infantry Division; Robert L. Hewitt; ISBN:0-89839-036-2

The View from the TURRET, The 743rd Tank Battalion; Willaim B. Folkestad; ISBN:1-57249-192-2

Curlew History The Story of the 1st Battalion 117th Infantry, William J. Lyman, Jr. 1948

Conquer, The Story of the Ninth Army, Battery Press, Originally Published 1947; ISBN: 0-89839-027-3

Normandy to the Elbe, XIX Corps, Text by Captain Frederic E. Pamp Jr.

The Longest Year, by Capt. Murray S. Pulver, Commander Co. B 120th Regiment, 30th ID

Victory at MORTAIN; Stopping Hitler's Panzer Counteroffensive, by Mark J. Reardon, University Press of Kansas,  2002,  ISBN: 0-7006-1295-5

UP FRONT by Bill Mauldin, The World Publishing Company, 1945,

The Man on the Red Horse, by William Eagen, Metropolitan Printing Co.,1975, History of 113th Cavalry Group that fought often with the 30th.

FIRE MISSION; The Siege of Mortain, Normandy, August 1944 by Robert Weiss, Burd Street Press 2002; ISBN:0-89407-123-8

The Malmedy Massacre, by John M. Bauserman,White Mane Books, 1995, ISBN:1-57249-288-0

The Damned Engineers, by Janice Holt Giles, Reprints by Houghton Mifflin CO. Original Copyright 1970. 
Great description of fighting around Malmedy to Trois Ponts.

Arn's War Memoirs of a WWII Infantryman, 1940-1946, by Edward C. Arn, 119th IR, Co. F, edited by Jerome Mushkat,  The University of Akron Press, copyright 2006  ISBN: 1-931968-32-2  CLICK HERE!

Battle of the Bulge Through the Lens, Philip Vorwald, Copyright 2000, ISBN: 1-870067-23-1

Seize the Bridges-"Spearhead to Antwerp", Hans J. Wijers, CLICK HERE to order or email Hans at: wijers@planet.nl

The Young Liberators, Volume One From Civilian to Soldier, by Kenneth C. Thayer with Allen D. Foote, Steffen Publishing and Oneida County Historical Society, copyright 2002, ISBN: 0-9668178-4-2

When Your Number's Up by Raymond S. Ross, Ph.D., Copyright 2005, ISBN: 0-9785075-5-X Click Here to Order

Aid Man!, by Robert B. Bradley, Vantage Press, Copyright 1970

Battle of the Bulge: Operations of the 3rd Fallschirmjager Division, by Hans J. Wijers, 2006 see above link to order or email Hans at    wijers@planet.nl

"A Combat Engineer" Memories Recalled by David W. Lester...3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Co. A, 105th Eng...February 2000.

"Through the Valley--and Back  Memoirs of an Infantryman" by Frank M. Buckingham (S-2 2nd Battalion 117th Infantry Regiment)  Copyright 1978, Kirksville, MO.

"Angel in My Foxhole" by Everett H. Kelly....(117th Infantry Regiment, Co. B)...Copyright 1973 published by Miracle Press, St. Albans, WV. 

"A Crusader in Europe" by Dick Jensen...120th Infantry Regiment, Co. D....ISBN 9656324-0-7

"Country Boy Goes to War" WWII Memoirs of Roger P. Casey....119th...Co. D

"Duel in the Mist" The LAH during the Ardennes Offensive Volume 1: Kampfgruppe Peiper-Stoumont 19th December 1944....

"Hell Has No Heroes"
Original Title: "Barbara"..by Wayne Robinson...743rd TB novel.  Copyright 1962.  Warner Paperback Library..ISBN: 61-12572

"How to Survive Combat as Point Man if You're Lucky..and Lose Friends if They're Not"  by Thomas E. Street 120th IR, Co. F, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad, Copyright 2002. Published by Merriam Press. 
to order please go to:

"Dying for Saint-Lo"; Hedgerow Hell, July 1944.  by Didier Lodieu.  Published by Histoire & Collections.  Translated from French.  ISBN: 978-2-35250-035-3.  Copyright 2007.  Tremendous book!!! Plenty of 30th Inf. Div. history!!