Photos by Arno Lasoe

The World War II Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial is located near the southeast edge of Neupre (Neuville-en-Condroz), Belgium, twelve miles southwest of Liege.  The main highway to Marche passes the cemetery entrance.  The approach drive leads to the memorial, a rectangular structure bearing on its facade a massive American eagle and other symbolic sculptures.  Within are the chapel, three large wall maps composed of inlaid marble, marble panels depicting combat and supply activities and other ornamental features.  Along the outside of the memorial, inscribed on granite slabs, are the names of 462 American Missing who gave their lives in the service of their country, but whose remains were never recovered or identified.  The cemetery, ninety acres in extent, contains the graves of 5,328 American military Dead, many of whom died in the "Battle of the Bulge."  Their headstones are aligned in straight rows that compose the form of a huge Greek cross on the lawn and are framed by tree masses. The cemetery served as the location of the Central Identification Point for the American Graves Registration Service of the War Department during much of the life of the Service.

The facade on the far (north) end, which overlooks the burial area bears the insignia in mosaic of the major United States units which operated in Northwest Europe in World War II.


Stavelot , Belgium

Crossing the Stavelot bridge toward the south and then moving up hill I found another monument for several US servicemen killed defending Stavelot on 18 december 1944.


Halftrack found next to famous Stavelot bridge and two plaques found on the bridge.


Monuments found in the center of Stavelot

After the Malmedy massacre at the Baugnez crossroad several GI's were shot by the Germans in the Belgium village of Ligneuville.

 Here are the pictures of the monument which was erected for those GI's.


King Tiger, La Gleize, Belgium