30th Signal Company

Maintained wire, radio, and messenger communication between Division and lower units. Organized into wire, radio, and messenger center sections, it normally maintained wire and radio teams with each of the regiments.

The following photos and descriptions were provided by Samantha Blatt whose grandfather, Oscar Blatt was in the Motor section of the 30th Signal Company. The following is a story her grandfather told:

  Oscar Blatt

In Herzogenrath, Germany, the 30th Signal Company Motor Section was
lucky to get housing in the two-story house of the plant manager of the
in-town Glaswerke Factory after months of sleeping in slit trenches and
being responsible for the supply and maintenance and of every motor
vehicle in the company.
One night as Mr. Gray, Johnson, Moore, Hipps, and Watson were lounging
around in the front room, Hilliard, Dutcher, Rinaldo, Van Riper, and
Blatt were in the basement writing and reading letters (My granfather
was writing a letter to his mother) and Siarnickie and Caves were on
guard duty outside the house, German planes flew over to make their
regular nightly sneak attack.
My Grandfather (Oscar Blatt) and the others in the basement went to the
windows to watch as the Germans bombed the nearby glass factory. They
noticed the sound of a plane flying low and immediately took a step back
from the windows just as they were thrown about the room form a bomb
hitting the house and destroying the first floor. They all tried to run
up from the basement falling all over each other and carrying the men
that were hurt. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

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  30th Company Signal Company

Oscar Blatt

Oscar in boot camp at Fort Monmouth, NJ.  Mother Yetta and Father Hyman

Oscar's wife Ruth Wenderoff before they were married.  She worked the Signal Corps Photographic Center in Long Island City, NY, where they made training films for WWII soldiers.

  Signal Corps Photographic Center Crew.

  Oscar 7/1/1942

Oscar 6/1/1943

Germany, 1945.  Oscar Blatt

Washington D.C. December, 1942.  Oscar Blatt

  Reims, France

Along the road in the Hartz Mountains.  June 1945

Germany, April 1945.

Germany, Oscar Blatt.

Germany, April 1945.  Oscar on right.

Oscar Blatt on right.


Wolmustedt, Germany, May 1945.  Oscar Blatt

Wolmustedt, Germany, May 1945

Germany, April 1945

Germany, April 1945

Germany, April 1945. Oscar in middle.

March 1945 before crossing the Roer River.

Ville de Reims, Headquarters

Oscar Blatt standing in middle.

Oscar Blatt

Rest Area in Holland, March 1945.  Oscar on right.

Rest Area in Holland, March 1945.

Oscar right.

Possneck, Germany. Oscar Blatt

Germany, April 1945.

Germany, April 1945.

Germany, April 1945.

Oscar repairing truck.

Motor Section: Front, Dutcher; Middle Row, R/L, Rinaldo, Watson, Johnson, Caves, Siarnicki; Back Row, R/L, Moore, Van Riper, Hipps, Hilliard, Blatt.  June, 1945.

Motor Section. Front Row= P.F.C. George T. Speadley, Second row right to left= TV Albert Hilliard, Mr. Gray, T/Sgt Chas. S. Johnson, T/4 Troy A. Hipps, T/4 Arnold Dutcher, Second row right to left= T/4 Frank M. Moore, T/5 Fred O. VanRiper, T/5 Oscar Blatt, PFC Nolan H. Medley, T/5 William Caves, PVT Orville R. Watson, T/5 John S Siarnicki