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This is a scan of pages from the book The Last Battle.  Margin notes are from Col. Walter M. Johnson and the capture of Gen. Dittmar. 
Looking for relative of Col. Johnson to present book to.


Morning Reports from Archives in St. Louis:

Hi Warren!
As you may remember, back in October I sent a request to the National Personnel Records Center looking for any documentation that would tell me when my father was assigned to the 30th. 
I just received photocopies of the morning report which, if I'm reading it correctly, gives me the date when my dad joined the 119th!  I've attached jpgs for your perusal. This means, of course, that at least some 30th Division records survived!  One wonders what else is tucked away in there...
The letter that accompanied the photocopies was confusing, because it began "The record needed to answer your inquiry is not in our files..."  then they proceed to send me exactly what I was looking for!  (I think...In your experience, am I looking at confirmation of my father's date of joining?) 
I just wanted to share the good news, pass along some more info for your archives, and see if I'm reading them correctly!
Gerry Perrett


  119th Rhine crossing..Friedrichsfeld, Germany.  

Dear Warren,

I have spoken with some elderly people. They were able to show me the street. Behind the horse on the middle of the street, you can see a building with on small tower. This is the Protestant church. The church was destroyed during the war and rebuild in the 50th (With a different design). The building in front on the left side does not exist anymore.

I add a photo of the church from 1923 and I will make a photo of the street in autumn (because now the trees have leaves) and send it to you.

Many regards



Looking for a 'Today' photo of above photo!!!  Any volunteers in Germany?

1945 map with objectives Hedy and Jo labeled.

After Action report of the 119th, 1st Battalion action in and around Friedrichsfeld, Germany.


Tribute to Lt. Alwyn D. Conger of the 113th Field Artillery.
We many times associate the artillery being behind the infantry....but not when you're a forward observer like Lt.Conger.
He was AHEAD of the infantry much of the time....and his service saved many lives:
Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, and Bronze Star with OLC.

Newspaper articles describing Lt. Conger's service...Adobe PDF file.

DSC article 1

DSC article 2

SS article 1

SS article 2

SS article 3

SS article 4

BS article

Various Morning Reports of the 113th FA...these are extremely rare.

113th FA Battery A      113th FA Battery B      113th FA Battery C     113th FA  Service Co.      113th FA HHB

113th FA HQ  July 3rd, 1945             113th FA  July 5th, 1945

  Provided by David Mustoe of East Wenatchee, WA....March 2015



    SS brutality at the Legaye house in western Stavelot.  Click on thumbnail of same photo below to view an enlargement of the photo I recently received.   In a different
   publication the American in the photo is identified as war reporter Jean Marin.  Description that came attached to photo is also thumbnailed.  I have also included narratives
   on the event and maps of the location of the house.  If any one could send me a present day photo, it would be much appreciated. 


                                                                                          Click to enlarge     
                                                                                          Click to enlarge

Present day photos have been sent by Johan Edelhausen of Maastricht taken on January 30th, 2009.  A MILLION THANKS!!!  They are fantastic!!

Present 1945

The infamous hedge

From the 117th, 1st Battalion history book, "Curlew":

Early in the morning of Dec. 22nd, Co. A's 3rd Platoon pushed forward and, after several lively scraps, recaptured its original position at the little settlement of Parfoundruy.  Aiding the 3rd throughout its operations was a section of D's 2nd Platoon, headed by Lt. Frank Warnock and Tech. Sgt. Michael Cirullo.  The units captured a dozen SS men, a rare fear inasmuch as the elite German always tended to prefer death to capture.  At Parfondruy the Curlew soldiers also found evidences of one of the worst atrocities committed on the Western front.  The GIs discovered 23 dead civilians, mostly old people and children, who had been killed by the SS men in various brutal ways.   The captured Jerries admitted their guilt and explained their actions by saying the civilians were "bothersome".  These prisoners were later hanged.

Link to Lt. Frank Warnock story

This butchery occurred Dec. 19th, Tuesday around 8 p.m.  SS grenadiers marching towards Trois-Ponts alleged shots were fired at them from this house.  The eleven women, two men, and ten children, hiding in the cellar were marched out, lined along the hedge to the right in photo and shot at point blank range. 

The civilians had taken refuge in the Legaye cellar because of its solid stone basement.  Twice that day, apparently, individual American GIs had checked the house for enemy soldiers.  When German soldiers first entered the house after 8 p.m. they threw a grenade into the basement.  By a miracle only one person was injured. A Mrs. Gregoire, who spoke German, tried to explain that only civilians were in the house.  She and her two daughters were the only survivors of this massacre.  The other civilians filed out of the basement and huddled next to the hedge.  Mrs. Gregoire and her daughters were taken to another house for further questioning.  All others clinging to one another were systemically shot to death.

In 1948 members of the 1. SS-Panzer-Division went on trial for crimes against the civilians of Stavelot.  SS-Obersturmfuhrer Goltz, a former company commander with SS-Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung 1 was sentenced to 15 years in prison and seven other received 10 years.  SS-Sturmann Kilat, formerly a grenadier in the SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2 battalion part of  Kampfgruppe Peiper was sentenced to 12 years. 


Click all maps to enlarge.  Building on far left is the Dejardin house #12 down the road from the Legaye home.

Additional photos of slain citizens next to the hedge in the back yard. 


Tribute page to Lt. Col. Robert E. Frankland, commanding officer of the 1st Battalion, "Curlew", 117th Infantry Regiment.  (Click on link above)


XIX Corps (30th was a unit) Engineer Operations...Ft. Eben Emael, Belgium, Sept. 1944...THANKS ARNO LASOE!!

Please note you'll probably need Adobe Reader 9, the newest version to open.

Hermallesous-Argenteau Bridges:

Cannes Bridge:

Maastricht Bridge:


Roer River Crossing 1104th Engineer:    THANKS TO ARNO LASOE

Part 1....this is an Adobe PDF file....you'll probably need Adobe Reader 9...the newest version.

Part 2....this files are rather large.


Pvt. Leonard G. Oldfield, 117th, Co. E:  Please left click on all photos to enlarge.

Last two scans from 117th History book. 


List of Medals awarded to various members of Artillery Units of the 30th....thanks Mike Williard.   PDF file.


XIX Engineer Corps History:

Part 1.................Adobe PDF file...you may need Adobe Reader 9.  These are quite LARGE files.  Be Patient as they download.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4